Kathie Sarachild: "Sisterhood Is Powerful." Mackenzie Hrobar

About Kathie Sarachild

Originally born Kathie Amatniek, Kathie Sarachild is an American writer and feminist. In 1968 she took the name Sarachild, after her mother Sara, and coined the phrase "Sisterhood is Powerful" in a flier she wrote for the speech she gave at the convocation of the Jeannette Rankin Brigade for New York Radical women's first public action. She was also one of the four women who held the women's Liberation banner at the Miss America Protest in 1986. 1968 was a big year for Kathie as she had her paper "A Program for Radical Feminist Consciousness-Raising" presented at the First National Women's Liberation Conference outside Chicago in November of that year. From the founding co-editor of Woman's World Newspaper in 1971 to chief editor for and an author for the Redstockings' anthology Feminist Revolution (1975), Sarachild has played a leading part in Women's Rights.

Reputable Works

  • Consciousness-Raising: A Radical Weapon"
  • "A Program for Radical Feminist Consciousness-Raising"
  • Feminist Revolution
  • Woman's World
  • "Forbidden Discourse: The Silencing of Feminist Criticism of 'Gender'"


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