Age of Exploration/Events/Causes/Effects Levi whitt

Christopher Columbus lands in the Caribbean
CAUSE: 1. Thought that going west was a shortcut to the spice islands. 2. Thought it was just ocean west. 3. Hit the Caribbean islands instead of spice.
EFFECTS: 1. Found silver and gold. 2. Found Natives and made them slaves. 3. Became wealthy and kept on sailing there for his voyages.
Line of Demarcation divides the world between Spain and Portugal
CAUSES: 1. Spain presses rival claims for Columbus's discoveries. 2. Portugal presses rival claims for Columbus's discoveries. 3. Columbus exploring land.
EFFECTS: 1. Pope creates line to keep the peace. 2. Spain controlled west of the line. 3. Portugal controlled east of the line.
Vasco De Gama reaches India after rounding Africa
CAUSES: 1. To reach India for new trading. 2. To show explorers a new route for trading. 3. Earn a hero's welcome
EFFECTS: 1. Found a trading post in may of 1498. 2. Made a second voyage/trip from 1520-1522. 3. Died of Illness in 1524.
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