Whole School approach

real gym is a totally new and holistic approach that makes gym relevant, meaningful and challenging for EVERY child.

It explodes the myths around gymnastic skills and progressions, making it simple and easy to implement.

What makes real gym unique?

Benefits of real gym Whole School training

  • Our high quality training emphasises the importance of good gymnastic provision in school and gives a full deep and rich understanding of the theory and application of the scheme.
  • All staff are trained to deliver one Scheme of Work across your school ensuring seamless progression and consolidation across year groups, ensuring best practice for safe gymnastics.
  • Our holistic approach through gymnastics activities develops both Fundamental Movement Skills and Multi-abilities *(Morley, D. & Bailey, R. (2006) Meeting the needs of your most able pupils: Physical Education and Sport. London: Fulton.)
  • All staff are trained to use large apparatus and supported to bring the programme to life in your own school environment.
  • The approach and easy to use programme aligns to real PE.

The real gym programme is supported by Jasmine - your real learning platform to simplify, streamline and enhance your real gym experience. This teaching and learning aid is intuitive and easy to navigate enabling teachers to plan and deliver an outstanding PE lesson with confidence.


  • £995* plus VAT

The price includes:

  • A full day of Whole School training to give practitioners the confidence to deliver inclusive and challenging gymnastics.
  • 4 sets of 8 real gym dice to engage and excite pupils
  • 2 sets of 8 posters - real gym Concept, real gym Skills and Sequence Cycle and Dice matrix.

Access to Jasmine – your real learning platform (one year licence) which includes:

  • Fully aligned curriculum maps.
  • Schemes of Work for ALL year groups.
  • 12 weeks of interactive Lesson Plans for ALL year groups.
  • Supporting tools and documents including hall set-up ideas.
  • Ongoing support.

Jasmine annual licence costs after year 1: £195 plus VAT


  • Small school (100 pupils or less): £95 plus VAT
  • Large school (21 classes +): £295 plus VAT

* Please note that schools must nominate at least one member of staff to attend a real gym Create Learning Community in addition to a Whole School training day. Cost: £245 plus VAT and includes additional resources

real gym resources

Personalised training

Whole School training will allow for a personalised experience adapted to your schools’ needs. The training, to include setting-up and using your gymnastics apparatus, will take place at your school, usually over one full day inset. Other models of delivery are available on request.

Sarah Moon

real gym has been written and developed by Sarah Moon to give EVERY child the experience of fantastic gymnastics lessons. real gym is making a big impact and will enable thousands of children and teachers to enjoy high quality gymnastics lessons. Getting children passionate about physical activity through gymnastics activities would really be a legacy to be proud of.

Sarah’s accolades include:

  • Master Coach in Rhythmic Gymnastics, presented by British Gymnastics 2013
  • TEAM GB Coach for the rhythmic gymnastics group for the Olympic Games, (London) in 2012
  • Head Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach for England, for the Commonwealth Games (Delhi) in 2010
"It has blown apart the children's ideas around gymnastics...They feel that their efforts are appreciated and valued, and they take time to share their skills and knowledge with others. The children learn not only gymnastic and wider PE skills but also life skills via the cogs. They share successes through helping and supporting each other and gain the ability to transfer these skills and attributes to the classroom." Mark Templeton, PE Teacher, North Town Primary School, Taunton.
"I feel more confident teaching gym. Love the contents and Lesson Plans etc…Inspiring! I feel inspired to go back to school and revamp the PE curriculum." Sam Jane, teacher from Cornwall.
" ..very informative day that has inspired me to a greater level of confidence to teach gym as part of a holistic PE curriculum." Tracey Robson, teacher from Norwich.

Creating positive relationships with physical activity for life

Created By
Jolene Barrett