Maniac magee written by Jerry spagnelli

That is when maniac ran away from his aunt and uncle at his mom and dads funeral because he did not want to live with them
This is where maniac magee meets a new friend she loves to read just like he does she also let him borrow a book that he liked
Mars bar a person that maniac meets in two mills pa is names after this his name is Marsbar Thompson.
Maniac is at Amanda's house on the east side which is not suppose to be but Amanda snuck him through because she wanted him to go to her house
These are the shoes maniac magee was wearing the day that he ran away and by the time he got to two mills his shoes were close to wearing out and his feet were dead tired
They are having a birthday party and maniac magee wants Marsbar to go to the party because they are nice to each other now but marsbar did not go

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