Winter like a Bear By DoriAn Altom

People I saw

One person that I saw was my brother, his name is Holton and he is 16. I don't see him much because he live at his dad's house most of the time. The person I missed the most was my best friend Jayden Murphy. I missed him because I don't live near him but I see him everyday at school. Over the break my Grandma and grandpa visited me and gave me a lot of popcorn.

The Part that's like a Bear

The earliest I woke up was probably 9:00 because I had to go to my mom's house for Christmas, Other that that i woke up at about 10:30. The latest I stayed up was 9:30, I slept a lot. I slept about 11 hours every day, besides Christmas day. I ate WAY more than I should have, when I wan't sleeping I was eating, or play my video games. I din't watch any movies over the break, but I did go to my Dad's house for another Christmas. Some things I did was Sleep, eat, and play video games.

The Gifts!

One thing I got for Christmas was a Remote control race car, it goes up to 15 miles per hour. That was definitely my best present! I also got about 9 PlayStation Games. The worst gift I got was nothing, I loved all of my gifts.

School is Back

I honestly feel good about coming back to school. I haven't seen my friends in three weeks and I also want summer to come sooner. The fastest summer comes the more exited I'll be.


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