US History Sit-ins

African americans protesting for there rights

This shows them siting at the counter not being served

Another photo of a sit-ins


Sit ins happened because they would not serve black people at the diner when they were sitting at the counter they had to sit in the colored spot but they wanted to sit at the counter but they didn't get food so they sat there till they got some food which they never got. Sit ins happened at diners in the 60’s.They wanted to get food at the diner which they did not get if they were sitting at the counter they have to sit in the colored section but they did not want to eat in the colored section they wanted to eat at the counter. the people that where involved where usually african americans. Black people were in this event they impacted the event because the stood up to there own rights because it was not fair that they could not sit at the counter because of their skin.They faced that they had to sit for hours on end and be called names by people and they had to deal with cops pulling them out. They just ignored them and stayed focus and concentrated on what was important to them. It impacted us today by making EQUAL rights between all races. Now days sit ins are people that wanted to be equal so they sat in front of a game stop in the mall of america and people started to notice them.

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