The Lost Boy's Survival By:maDdox terrien

The lost boys of Sudan. The group of people that were all children after war struck in their home villages. With little food and water and no shelter, How did they survive a trek that long across their home land.

The lost boys had to constantly be on the run from other people that might hurt them so they had to hurry and get to safety. But with little food they didn't have the energy for it, and with little water they were parched. So they had to rely on the UN to give them drop supplies without being seen by hostiles.

The food the lost boys got was water and corn. But the lost boys didn't eat it right away. They ate only little pieces of kernels and took little sips of water to make it last longer for the trip.

They also got drops from the red cross group every now and then so they had food and medical supplies. With these drops they could fight off infections.

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