Buzz off Buzzfeed A brief moment of intelligent conversation with your's truly

If you think about it, we're all phonies, but some of us are worse. Like the wonderful people at Buzzfeed. Don’t get me wrong, they can write, but it’s a load of crap if you ask me. “Your Favourite Pasta Dish Will Reveal a Desire of Yours.” Stuff like that kills me, it really does. Like who reads this stuff? Honestly, some people. Morons. Anyway, I should probably get back on topic here since you probably don’t care about how “Your Favourite Pasta Dish” will change your life or whatever. I know I wouldn’t, not even if you actually served me my coke and rum like I usually ask. So he we are. Goddamn Buzzfeed.

Some brilliant news

If I asked you if you enjoy Buzzfeed, you’d probably say no because I said it’s terrible and don’t want me to get sore, but seriously take a look at it. Is intelligent reporting really supposed to be stuff like “Taylor Swift Didn’t Go To The Women’s March And People Are Mad?” That’s trending mind you, so don’t get sore with me, get sore with all the people who apparently enjoy it. Our society is being turned into a bunch of dramatic phonies and “news” sources like Buzzfeed are only making it worse. I want to just have an intelligent conversation and maybe read something that isn’t lousy, but no, I’ll just take another quiz and probably die half way through.

God, such greatness

As much as I would enjoy my little blog post or whatever this is, the truth is that I don’t really feel like it so I’m not going to. If it really interests you that much, go read some Buzzfeed for yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though, it’s all just a bunch of phony writers writing phony articles for phony people.


Written by Holden Caulfield (Alexander Bacon, Lazzari G3)

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