Non-Fiction By: Kody Kath

Non-Fiction text

Non fiction books are books that inform, teach, and explain stuff.


Newspapers are a nonfiction text that has information on daily life in your city or town. It is much less popular today because of technology and the ability to find the news on your phone.


National Geographic is a magazine that is a reliable source and is commonly used by schools for learning things that go on in the world.


The dictionary is completely nonfiction. Not to many people read it but for some reason some do.

Italicized print

Italicized print is commonly used in non-fiction text to show importance of something.

Bold Print

Bold print is used to emphasize somethings importance.


In non-fiction text there are no opinions just facts!

American sniper!

American sniper is a non-fiction book based on a true story that really happened. I'ts was about one of the greatest marines to ever go over and fight for our country they have recorded at least 300 kills but there could be more. He had PTSD and it really took a toll on him. When he was helping another Fellow soldier that was suffering form it the dude went crazy and killed him.

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