life lessons by Morrie faith binimow jack stover

Morrie says",Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live"(Albom 82). This quote and the photo go together because they show what Morrie means about death. Morrie thinks that once we know we will die, then we live our life peacefully and without regrets.
Morrie says,"Morrie borrowed freely religions. he was born Jewish, but became an agnostic when he was a teenager" (Albom 81). Morrie is a jumper. Morrie switches from religion to religion. At the end, her reveals that he believes in the Christian faith.
Morrie says,"you see," He says to the girl, you closed your eyes. That was the difference.some times you cant believe what you see you have to believe what you feel" (Albom 61).
But its hard to explain, Mitch. now that i'm suffering, i feel closer to people who suffer than I ever did before" (Albom 50).
Morrie said," a friend of mine sculpted that maybe 30 years ago. His name was Norman. We used to spend so much time together we went swimming we took rides to New York he had me over at his house in Cambridge" (Albom 165).
"its not other people we need to forgive Mitch he finally whispered we also have to forgive ourselves. ourselves? yes for all the things we didn't do all the things we should have done. you cant get stuck on the regret of what should have happend" (Albom 166). Morrie's opinion on forgiveness is that you to have forgive people and ask for forgiveness. You have to let things go as well.

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