Does Eating Breakfast help with Grades? Self-Designed Exhibit #2

I chose to do this for my second self-design because eating breakfast is something that I've done on and off for all of my life. I have never been consistent with it and I have always wondered if what everyone says is actually true that eating breakfast really helps productivity.

Hypothesis: I do believe that eating breakfast will make me feel more alert and ready for my classes throughout the day. I believe that I will notice a notable change that I will like and will want to keep up. I am guessing this because my friends who I know that eat breakfast are all smart and successful at the moment.

To start collecting data for this one, I first went a week without eating breakfast at all. During this week, I would actually wait until after my last class ended to even consider going to eat. This may of not been the best way to do it but I still personally believe that it was very effective. Right of the bat, I didn't see any noticeable changes at all. As the week went along though, I started to notice that I was much more irritable and unmotivated when I wasn't eating breakfast. I honestly was very astounded by this and couldn't wait to see what the next week had in store for me. Just to add, this week, I wasn't completing my best work for my homework and seemed to not care as much about my grades.

The week after that, I ate breakfast every morning. I honestly noticed a change starting as early as the first day. I was much more awake and alert. It was like honestly that I was more eager to learn also. I had a motivation that had been absent from when I wasn't eating breakfast. I was also feeling much better. I didn't feel so tired by the time my classes were done. In fact, I was a lot more willing to continue working after class this week. I was very pleased with my work ethic and the amount I was truly able to accomplish. Plus, my homework grades were absolutely amazing during this time. Not too sure if this had to do with my other self-designed experiment though.

So in the end, I actually did see a noticeable difference in myself the week that I was eating breakfast compared to when I wasn't eating any breakfast. I do honestly believe that possibly the placebo effect may have played a factor in this though also. I feel like that some of it obviously was from me eating breakfast but I feel a lot of the effects I had were based off me believing that eating breakfast was causing it but when indeed it was me just thinking it because of things that I have heard other people say about it helping them. To conclude this, I am going to start eating breakfast more often now and start making it a habit.


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