Historical Build Emma Johnston

My first idea was to do a building of some sort. But, then I decided against that and made this brief sketch of how I wanted the structure to look. I designed it so it would be 50 x 50 and dug a hole where the mark should be. Then I started adding the blocks so it would create a triangle shape. I continued this until I reached a good spot to do the first part where the intricate design started.

The design I wanted to do is drawn below with the checkered pattern. Once I was done doing the first indent, I kept going up with the triangle pattern to make it taller. Once I reached a good spot, I did the second indent with the same pattern. After finished doing that, I continued with the triangle pattern all the way to the top.

I used stone brick to build the entire thing


1: The first failure would have to be the screen recording. It did not record the first twenty minutes of the build. I originally wanted to record the whole process and then speed it up, but since it did not record the first process, I decided I would just do a recording at the end of the final project.

2: Since I thought it was recording, I did not take screenshots of the initial building stages. The photos in the video are when I realized that the recording did not work.

3: It ended up working out, but building the base ended up taking the longest since I wanted to build it with out using an outside source for guidance.

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