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Avril Lavigne FAN TRIBUTE

The Best Damn Thing (2007) 1 girlfriend 2 i can do better 3 runaway 4 the best damn thing 5 when you're gone 6 everything back to you 7 hot 8 innocence 9 i don't have to try 10 one of those girls 11 contagious 12 keep holding on
Goodbye Lullaby (2011)
Avril Lavigne (2013)
Yet to do . . .
Let GO (2002) 1 Losing grip 2 complicated 3 sk8er boi 4 i'm with you 5 mobile 6 unwanted 7 tomorrow 8 anything but ordinary 9 things i'll never say 10 my world 11 nobody's fool 12 too much to ask 13 naked
UNDER MY SKIN (2004) 1 Take me away 2 together 3 don't tell me 4 he wasn't 5 how does it feel 6 my happy ending 7 nobody's home 8 forgotten 9 who knows 10 fall to pieces 11 freak out 12 slipped away

First created on April 1, 2017

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The Jesus & Mary Chain Fan Tribute

From the album Automatic, released in 1989.
Assassination. There's no better feeling in the game.
Chasing ShezJuicyYo to the Overshield

"Hands Held High" linkin park fan tribute

Hands Held High from Minutes to Midnight is a masterpiece, and for too long, this was my favorite the song without a video. The game. In this video is Free-For-All, meaning the first player to 25 kilils wins the game. The Map is "Fathom" an underwater base, with deep blue hues.
Turn my mic up louder I got to say something Lightweights step it aside when we come in Feel it in your chest the syllables get pumping People on the street they panic and start running Words on loose leaf sheet complete coming
I jump in my mind and summon the rhyme, I'm dumping
🖐🏼✨🤚🏼 "Hands Held High" is a poetic masterpiece.
When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die
"Amen, amen, amen, amen"
With hands held high into sky so blue ... As the ocean opens up and swallows you

justin bieber "Beauty and a beat" <B-Side> "We Can't Stop"

Featuring StickyNikki
Weapon Skin is Master Control
<B-Side> "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus
Racing outside Blue Base, there's only one round left in the Launcher.
Light Rifle
Published March 26, 2017

"animal" by neon trees

Published March 17, 2017
Here we go again

Plasma Caster is a Covenant power weapon.
Humorously, and incredibly fittingly, this player's Gamer Tag is ANIMALPOOP
"No, I won't sleep tonight."
Here we go again
Game ends after the sole remaining Blue Spartan leaves the game. Victory.

"grey cell green" ned's atomic dustbin

This song makes me think of my buddy Vince and college sophomore summer. Ned's Atomic Dustbin.
Published March 16, 2017
The back story. I first met RaspingHail
Start of the Killtacular sequence.
Killtacular = Kill 5 opponents in a short time of each other
It's not, it's inside me, come on
Post Triple Kill in Flowers

avril lavigne fan tribute "4 real" & "not enough"

Published December 3, 2016.
"it's not enough, it's not enough to get me"

"Hello Heartache"

One of my favorites. Published February 21, 2017.
<B-Side> you ain't seen nothing yet


Where the Streets have no name (I can't take my eyes off you)

original masterpiece by u2, the joshua tree.(this version performed by the pet shop boys).
Published March 8, 2017.
I want to feel the sun on my face
I see the dust clouds disappear without a trace

<"MAchinehead"> Bush

This was the game that needed a video. It's Free-For-All on Truth, and my heart never stopped pounding. Check out the cornflower blue armor.
Assassination. Double Kill. Overkill. Top Gun.
Fuel Rod Cannon in scope
Green to red machinehead
Moments after I was assassinated while reloading my Hydra Launcher. Earlier, I had assassinated him with a knife through his face.
Unconscious all the time
If I had it all again
I'd change it all
Just minding my chemistry
Direct blast from Fuel Rod Cannon to stop Sword charge
Moments before a clutch double kill and forcing sudden death

<The Empire Strikes Back>

A Halo Music Video (Classic series) set to The Jesus & Mary Chain "Head On"
Published September 2, 2016.
Created By
Minyoung Sohn


Minyoung Sohn, Xbox, VideoShop and iPhone

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