Global Guardians How do we encourage community to evolve past protection of land to stewardship of land?

“Human beings protect what they love, and love what they know.”-Richard Louv


The act of protecting land is almost always lead by someone who sees a need because of a threat to or suffering that has already been endured by land. That someone has to enforce expectations in order to continue to protect the land.

Sam Livingston fish hatchery was established due to overfishing and low numbers of trout. It has "raised over 50 million trout from eggs to adults since it opened in 1973" (AB Enviro & Parks, 2018).


Stewardship comes from within individuals out of an ethic of care, an interpersonal relationship with the land. There is not a need to enforce expectations about how land should be treated, because of the connection to the land and therefore need to care for it.

Bow Habitat Station

Fostering an appreciation of Alberta's fish, wildlife, water and aquatic ecosystems.

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If an ethic of care for the land can be instilled in people, the need to protect from a threat or suffering is eliminated because people see themselves as the stewards of the land. If people recognize the interdependent nature of their relationship with the land, they will come to understand that in order for us to survive we need to care for the land.

Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand. -Confucius

Next Steps

  • engage students with a local land area
  • study the history and significance of land through authentic learning experiences
  • build relationship with the land
  • students take responsibility for engaging others in stewardship of the land through education


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