Caitlyn Olivia Moyd the real slim caity

go tigs :)
I am very passionate about food. All I do is eat.
One of my favorite things to do is paint, especially in Clemson colors. I did this painting about a week ago and would love to take an art class here at Clemson.
This baby came up when i searched "Physical Therapy" and he is really cute. There was no other picture quite relevant to physical therapy, but that is what I wish to do for the rest of my life.
With that being said, my major is Biological Sciences. I chose a frog because that is a living creature you learn about when you are in the second grade and take science.
This is my little sister, Holly. She wishes to go to Wofford (she is a senior in high school right now) and she's my best friend.
I am very close to writing a letter to the Manning Hall manager, because I think it is 110% unfair that we can not have dogs in that building. I had to leave my dog back home, so I am salty about that.
This is probably my favorite slide on this presentation. I am from Hartsville, South Carolina and drive a truck almost exactly like the one shown above. I do get picked on for my accent sometimes, but I do not mind. I felt that this was important because it's where I came from.
I would like to finish off with this beautiful looking cheese burger. That is all I have about me. Thank you :)


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