Women Right in Saudi Arabia Ava lipski

Women Right are the right for women and girls of many societies around the world. Women and men are supposed to have equal rights but in some countries they do not.In middle East, women do not have the same right as men. In Saudi Arabia, women are considered less important / below men. In this essay I decided to talk to you about the education and freedom of women.
In Saudi Arabia, the education between women and men was unjust. Up until a few years ago, more than half of the women were illiterate.The woman could not go to the university because that was reserved for men. The quality of education is lower for women than for men. Curricula and textbooks are updated less frequently and teachers tend to be less skilled. At higher levels, men have better research facilities.Today, this has increased women's literacy is estimated at 80%, not far behind that of men. Now, 60% off all university graduates in Saudi Arabia are Saudi Women whereas less than 50 years they could not go there. The education of women remains different and unjust in relation to men but it is in evolution.

In Saudi Arabia, women do not have access to fundamental rights. They live under a male guardianship. You have to ask yourself "What is male guardianship?". In seeking the definition of guardianship, I find that "the legal authority to protect a minor". In Saudi Arabia, women are legally eternal minors. Until their death, they are not responsible for some of their actions, such as getting married, receiving care, being operated on or studying. A legal guardian (the Mahram ) must explicitly give his authorization for those actions that seem natural to those who do not live in the country. Many people can fulfill this role: the father, the grandfather, the husband, the brother, but also the son if the woman in question is a widow. If the man says no, the woman can not oppose her decision. Similarly, man's assent is required to file a complaint or to get the woman out of prison. Only the right to vote has been granted to them since last year, as well as the right to leave the territory without authorization. On the other hand, driving remains in all cases Prohibited.

This theme of social justice is particularly important, it is also very difficult to solve. Women and feminists risk their lives if they rebel, and men in the region are too eager to help their female partners. The lives and well-being of people are in danger every day, and if the Saudi government does not want to change that, we can. And that's why we need you to find us. With the funds, we have two main solutions to solve this urgent problem. The first is indirect but important. Women's Lives Matter wants to open the eyes of the world, to show that gender inequality in Saudi Arabia is not something to joke and we must solve it now. To do this, we are in contact with some of the most influential women of our century. These women, who have clearly shown their ambitions for the future of women, will each make a speech, speaking about this issue of social justice. They can be mentors for Saudi girls and open people's eyes. This solution will not directly solve the problem, but it leads to the second, more direct solution. The second solution we have is to put pressure on the Saudi government. Saudi Arabia is known to export the largest amount of oil from the world to the rest of the world, but mainly the European Union. This is the government's main source of revenue and they need it to function. Our wish is to ask the governments of the oil importing countries of Saudi Arabia to stop until the fundamental rights of women are not put in place. This solution is, of course, the most difficult to solve, as joking with imports and exports from each country is not something to joke about. But if governments in other countries do, it can help the Saudi government to allow women to lead or acquire their citizenship, which should be given to everybody.


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