Marriage is a good thing. Kinsey Prine

Children are impacted by marriage. The kids are more likely to be successful if they grew up in a home with two married parents. Statistics show that they will have more successful careers. Marriage might be worth the betterment of the children shared in a relationship.

Marriage has health benefits. Statistics show that married couples live longer and healthier lives. Married couples are less likely to deal with depression and other mental health problems. They tend to be happier than couples that only cohabitate. Married couples tend to have lower rates of heart disease.

Married men earn 10-40% more than single men. The motivation to take care of family inspires people, to make money. They get to share insurances and recoev other financial benefits. Married couples are more likely to have financial success.

Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not where intimacy goes to die. Many married couples are more likely to have a sex life. They are often more satisfied with their sex life. Marriage is good for intimacy.

Married couples are less likely to deal with violence both inside and outside of the marriage. Marriage can ensure safety for the two committed people.

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