What Causes Bad Vocal Chords? BY NAVYA

What’s happening in your throat when your voice sounds abnormal?

How do you cure that impostor in your throat?

What can you do to prevent it?

Has your voice ever felt hoarse? Has your voice ever seemed scratchy or rough or abnormal sometimes? Ever wondered why? The assassinators of the throat are there. The assassinators! Wanna know how to assassin the assassinators? Or more likely protect you from them?

This DIY shield will help you. This DIY shield is made more of tips and not really that much craft supplies. So why is it a DIY? Because you can do these tips yourself! You can learn them yourself! The tips that won’t make the assassinators come back again.

If you are the type of person that exerts the voice a lot, this article is for you.

Now let’s dive deep into the body and stop at a part called vocal chords where you will meet the assassinators but also find yourself in a place where two tissue cords and elongate in the inside of a larynx (which rests near the windpipe) when exhaled air cause the cords to vibrate and produce the voice.

Awful Assassinators

First, you need to know what nodules (Naw-duels) and polyps are. These imposters are the terrible assassinators. According to the website asha.org, in the article "Vocal Chords Nodules and Polyps," nodules in short, are swollen spots on your vocal chords. If you continue abusing your voice , which means yelling or screaming a lot, the nodules grow bigger and bigger and stiffer and stiffer. The assassinators gain more power. That’s how the assassinators even come. It’s because you abused your voice so it’s your fault.

Meanwhile, while polyps may have similar effects to nodules, they can have many different forms. A polyp is the Vermicious Knid (Roald Dahl’s alien monster in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator that can change shape) of vocal chords. They take many forms.

Yes, they can appear as nodules but they can also can look like a growth or a lesion.This could mean that something that you think is a nodule could be a polyp. If these 2 symptoms may appear the same to you, you should definitely picture a polyp as a growth and a nodule as a pimple. Now that you understand the assassinators and You know this, you’re ready for the next step.

Assassinating the Assassinators

Next (also from asha.org in the article "Vocal Chords Nodules and Polyps," ), now that we know what causes nodules and polyps you need to know what you even do when you get them. You need to know how to assassinate the assassinators. These tips are tips to cure you if you don’t have the shield. Yes, there is a cure. How to cure the culprit? These can be diagnosed surgically, behaviorally and/or medically. Surgery is only for people who have had long-term nodules and polyps and is quite rare for children.

Medical treatment can lessen the impact on the vocal chords. This includes treatment on the gastroesophageal disease (GERD) which includes allergies and thyroid problems. Medical treatment to stop smoking and controlling stress is sometimes also needed.

Behavioral problems is the most common diagnosis and get behavioral intervention or SLP voice therapy. Voice therapy teaches vocal hygiene, reducing or stopping vocal abusive behaviors. Voice treatment to reduce or alter pitch, loudness,or breath support for good voicing. Stress reducing and relaxation are taught as well. Well,who knew the simplest of the ways could cure this assassin? This may be the save-the-day superhero of the crisis but just saying, who needs a superhero when they can have a do-it-yourself shield?

No Sooner No Later No Assassinator

Lastly, what can we do to prevent this from happening to us? Can’t we just use the superhero diagnosis? Well, we could but these tips to make the shield are a lot easier than using the superhero method. There are a bunch of reason why our voice will sound abnormal from time to time. It could be of because you are catching a cold. Sure, catching a cold can be avoided but according to entnet.org, in the article, "Keeping Your Voice Healthy,"everyone gets a cold sometime in their lives. Here are some tips to help you.

First, drink a lot of water. Moisture is good for the voice.

Second, don’t scream or yell or raise your voice too much. That is voice abuse and it strains your vocal chords. Unless you want to get more assassinators.

Third, warm up voice for when it’s going to be used a lot. You know, singer's warm up their voices but if you have an occupation like teaching or cheerleading which involves the voice then it’s also best to warm up your voice.

4th, don’t smoke. Come on , it gives you the symptoms of rough or scratchy voices.

5th, use good breath support because the breath flow from your voice has power.

6th, use a microphone at big talks because it will lessen the strain of your vocal chords.

Lastly, listen to your own voice. Come on, now that you’ve read all of this, you would know if your voice is complaining by how it sounds.

Now this is our shield. Finally, you have used the steps. The trusting steps that can prevent you from the assassinators. The steps to craft the shield.

What’s the Purpose?

Why am I even telling you this? Don’t we know and follow some of the parts on this shield already? Well, if you don’t the assassinators will gain power in the throat and expand to more and more nodules and polyps! Until eventually they will become the Lord Voldemort group of your vocal chords and they will continue what they did before to come Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort’s favorite hobby is assassinating. Until your throat is fully assassinated and damaged. As I said earlier, by abusing our voice by yelling all the time, we’re just making ourselves more open to the assassinators.

What would the world be like if we just went shouting all the time and then a few a years later all our vocal chords would be damaged? What if we went whispering all the time? What would the world be like if we couldn’t speak? Set up the shield, follow every single tip and together, we can prevent the assassinators from coming to us.

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