Computer Science At Putnam Elementary school

All things Computer Science happening at Putnam Elementary School. All Grades, Kindergarten through Fifth, learn block code, how to program a robot, creating with circuits, and using coding apps on the iPad. To date, we have received over $70,000 in grant money to implement and support a Computer Science curriculum. Students learn computation thinking skills, problem solving skills, algorithms, sequencing, cause and effect, pattern recognition in coding and Robotics. We will be starting an after school program for "Girls who Code", with fun engaging devices that appeal and encourage girls and coding. Here is a look back on this past year and what each grade level is learning.

Coding Mouse

Kindergarten students use several apps on the iPad to learn about sequencing and pattern recognition. Our students were able to have volunteers from Otterbox come for a day and help them with their coding skills. Students use "Code-a-pillar", and "Coding Mouse" to learn the basic skills of block code and programming directions.


In First grade, students explore with other types of robots. We introduce Cubelets to our first grade students. The Cubelets are a small color coded cube that stick together magnetically to form a a variety of simple robots. We continue on with more advanced block coding on the iPad and expand the skills learning in sequencing to solve more complex coding challenges.

Second Grade students are using Scratch Jr. to learn the concepts of block code and the principles of using block code to create objects and move them from place to place. Students design characters and then learn how to program them to perform tasks

Makey Makey
3D printing

In Third Grade students are learning about cause and effect and circuits. We use Makey Makey to create drum sounds on the computer by completing the circuit. Students need to apply decomposition and problem solving skills to create the sounds effects they want to hear on the computer. Students also applied their design strategies to create and print 3D bubble wands.

Girls Who Code Club

This year marks the beginning of our Girls Who Code® Club after school program. We are SO excited to boast 30 girls are registered to attend! Our first meeting we learned about Micro:bit. The tiny computer that has a ton of punch! Visit us soon to see what the future has to hold for these talented young women!

After School Robotics Program

Our after school Robotics program uses LEGO Ev3 Mindstorms. Students use engineering skills to build a robot. They then have to write a program for the robots to follow to complete challenges and perform tasks. Our after school program is open to all 4th-5th grade students. We collaborated with Shepardson Elementary in creating an EXPO for the students to demonstrate what they learned and show off their programming skills

Sphero Golf

Our 5th grade students combine their knowledge in engineering, design, coding and creativity to build a miniature golf course and program "Sphero" to complete the course. Over several weeks the students created their course and programmed their robot to complete each of the individual challenges.

This next year will bring many more exciting experiences for our students. With our grants from Otterbox, Bohemian Foundation, and PSD Foundation we are able to provide a multitude of robotics, programming, coding and STEM activities for our students. Come join us! It is going to be AWESOME!!

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Laura Bustos


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