Preparedness Reviews

Kiernan Group Holdings (KGH) offers a holistic process for identifying and mitigating Active Threat and Workplace Violence Incidents. The team of experts and educators at KGH employ a multi-faceted approach to:

  • Examine existing Operational and Preparedness Plans and Policies
  • Identify potential gaps
  • Provide actionable recommendations and implementable solutions
Preparedness is a Choice; the Good Choice.

The KGH team provides recommendations (e.g. training, technology, policies) based on the results of the organization's Preparedness Review, which helps to fill the identified gaps and guides the organization in prioritizing those recommendations based on the greatest potential for risk reduction and compliance.

This holistic, multi-step process is tailored to meet the needs and unique conditions of each organization, which includes an awareness of operational needs and organizational culture. When paired with a training offering, the results of the Preparedness Review informs the training and scenarios with tailored content used to maximize effectiveness and meet organizational needs.

Preparedness Review Process

Key Document Review and Gap Analysis

This includes:

  • A Threat Assessment and Risk Management process review
  • A review of the Preparedness, Safety, and Security Standard Operating Procedures
  • A review of current Emergency Response Plans
  • A review of applicable governing regulations/policies

Site Visit and Leadership Roundtable

This includes:

  • An inclusive round-table with key officials to┬ádiscuss existing insurance programs, deductibles, experience, and timetables for upcoming renewals of property level programs as applicable
  • A discussion with key security and preparedness stakeholders
  • A security and preparedness review of the facility grounds

Focus Group Engagements

Key Stakeholders include:

  • Representative management and employees
  • Service Providers
  • HR
  • Outside Consultants (Legal team, Insurance Brokers, Environmental Consultants)
  • Security
  • IT
  • Property Manager
  • Engineering Team Members
  • First Responders
  • Security and Security Contractors
  • Threat Management Team, if applicable

Training Review and Development

This includes:

  • A review of current security and emergency preparedness trainings
  • Development of realistic exercises and drills
  • Coordination of a tabletop exercise for a property to include corporate resources to confirm actions and identify potential gaps in operation
  • Delivery of Metric-based Online Training
  • Discussions and developments of a plan for a rollout to other properties within the portfolio to optimize cost while supporting the operations of your firm

The Preparedness Review helps organizations to enhance their existing plans, develop and implement Training Programs that are tailored to the needs of the employees, and maintain compliance with national standards.