Gorillaz new album 4 New songs

Gorillaz releases the first music they've made in a long time. Nearly seven years they havent released anything. Their fans are extremely happy because they haven't seen anything from them in such a long time. The songs all tie together with the music videos. The gorillaz have a new sound and concept for their work. The first song, in the order that the videos come together, is Ascension. It features a Long Beach rapper named "Vince Staples" who brings an energetic vibe to the song straight out of the gate. The video shows meteors every time the chorus is played and near the first video ends leading us to a eerie looking house which ties the second video in. The second song is called "Saturnz Barz". The song is very creepy and includes what sounds like a Jamaican rapper. Each of the band members have characters in the video. It seems as if they all go on a bad trip inside this house and they all have a different experience. At the end they get back in the car they arrived in and leave for breakfast. The third video is called "Andromeda". It shows Saturn from the second video, however it is only an art track so it only exhibits small changes in the colors on the planet. It illuminates near the ending and then slowly fades to black along with the band singing a pleasant chord. The last of the four tracks is called "We got the power" and the video shows a busy highway. The song is very entrancing with an old telephone filter over the main singers voice. This has been such a great exhibit of art and music.

Saturn from Andromeda


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