Edgar Allan Poe Brady Burr Bl. 7

Background of Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19th, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. Poe's parents were professional actors and died before he was just 3 years old. Edgar was then placed into a foster home and was raised by John and Frances Allan from Richmond, Virginia. Edgar lived here till 1827 which he was 18 at the time, moved back to Boston to enlist in the Army after he was broke, had no job skills, and his relationship with John Allan was bad. Joining the Army was a great step for Poe with having no skills he did really well holding the rank of sergeant major in the Army. 1829 rolls around and Edgar's foster mom Mrs. Allan had passed away. John tried to be nice outgoing and open to Edgar and decided to sign his application to West Point. Edgar attended for a while but was forced to leave due to financial issues, and John refusing to pay. He then moved in with his Aunt Maria Clemm and her daughter Virginia in Baltimore, Maryland. Edgar liked writing poems and years before in 1827 he wrote his first poems Tamerlane and Other Poems which were in fact published that same year! When living with his Aunt he started writing short story's for magazines and would make money off it. He then became an editor around 1835 for "Southern Literary Messenger." This was located back in Richmond and he moved there with his Aunt Maria and cousin Virginia. 1836 he married his 14 year old cousin Virginia, and for the next 10 years to come he would continue to edit journals and write his own poems. Poe struggled with being an alcoholic most of his life and was very much depressed so that's why a lot of his story's are so depressing, sad, and dark yet they were still so amazing to the poetry world.

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