Dead Connection By Justin lowry

I'm only telling you this to help you, fear, fear is what you need to keep away from. I know already just after you start reading this you already think i'm crazy. I'm called Alex and i'm 19 now, and this has been happening for a while now but listen to me. One night about a year or so ago i was up at about 3am in the morning when i was reading creepy pastas which i loved because i love the adrenaline or whatever but that exactly when it started right as i was about to read a creepy pasta about a murder or something. i caught the smallest glimpse of a small pale creature not just crawling it was scuttling across the bedroom floor right into my bathroom. I live by my self and have a small flat with 1 main room and a kitchen a bathroom and my bedroom, all a person needs at this age. Any way leading back to the point. This small creature wasn't anywhere near as big as me about the size of my cat which reassured me a lot when i saw this 'Thing' crawling not even crawling it was almost limping across my bedroom. i crept into my bathroom peaking my head into a colder atmosphere from my room slowly flicking the light on I scanned every inch of the room before even stepping foot anywhere in there I walked in and scanned a second time before deciding the coast was clear. I thought to my self that it was my tired mind playing tricks on me considering that it was 3 am in the morning, i was more relieved when I thought I was going crazy or something and sorta joking about it in my head. Until the thought of this 'Thing' being in the dark corner behind my toilet hit me like a full speed train. my heart skipped a beat, although i was much stronger and bigger for it to be a threat to me i was still scared and paranoid about it being something serious. I stepped ever so slightly and crabbed my broom and slowly jabbed it behind the toilet for a good few second before... my fear came true i dropped my broom and stepped back as i saw this little, skinny, non lifelike creature with no eyes not even notice me before scuttling off. i was freaking out, i stood there frozen for a good 5 minutes before i slowly backed out of the bathroom and back on my bed, i didn't get any sleep.

That morning i did some research looking for answer not getting any replies for a good hour before i got ONE response. "I've seen them two man". I responded quickly. John his name was and he told me that ever since you see the first one you start to see more and more, out everywhere even in the street in day. They where everywhere. John said it was getting easier to see them. He said That you start seeing them in different sizes not all of them looking the same. Over the next week i found my self getting strangely used to them. Id normally catch one in the corner of my eye retreating back into a gutter pipe, or see their tiny faces staring out the sewers. Its almost as if these things weren't even trying to hide. As i was on my way to work one day i was looking out the window of the bus and i saw a pretty large one, about the size of a medium sized dog just trotting along the sidewalk, people where just walking right by it. I- i think a lot of people saw it as a dog. One man even stopped to scratch its head. I tried to get one on camera but before i could take the shot they would all dart away. I told my self I would ave to take a picture of one of the bigger ones, one of the slower ones. But as the weeks progressed i got more and more used to them. Sure they where creepy as, and i couldn't even use the toilet with out the paranoia of one crawling up and attacking me. Me and john where talking and we decided to name these things. We settled on the name Gristers, i think he meant the Grisserlers from this infection game we played but I settled well on the name Gristers well. I continued my exchanges with John, But I could tell he was getting more tense. It was hard to tell over text but that was the only way to put it. I assume that once the novelty of a shared experience was worn off we didn't really have much to talk about. John wasn't really my type he was a steroid pumping body builder in southern Florida who lived with hiss mum. We where discussing the Gristers. He said that his where starting to act differently, He said he would wake up at night to see them perched at the end of his bed staring at him with their eyeless faces. He said he woke up one time because one had actually started touching his face. This scared me, the whole time i had been putting out statements on the internet to see if anyone else had been experiencing this. we cant be the only ones. i mean i cant be the only one. On the website most of my subjects had gotten deleted for spam so eventually i stopped asking. I wanted to know what these things did, what exactly they where. I even wanted to capture one. I set up traps but none of them would ever go for them. But i realized that my cat would notice the Gristers. she would often Hiss at them and even chase them a couple of times. All those times i would see her do that, chase nothing being a dumb ass cat That explains it. One night i was walking home from work alone. I work for a call center for charity about 6 miles away I didn't want to wait for the bus and i didn't have all that many friends but anyway, I was walking past some old abandoned brick houses when i herd some weird low groan and that's when it happened and that when i happened to notice that there where a lot more Gristers then normal there mostly ignoring me but they where scurrying in and out of this old abandoned brick house. The groaning sound was coming from the alley beside it, a lot of Gristers is creepy enough even without that groaning sound. What made me desire to investigate i don't know. maybe curiosity i'm always looking for some horror stuff to investigate. I assumed the groaning was some kind of groaning animal but i approached the side of the house noting that the windows where boarded up and the moaning, i should've known it wasn't some kind of animal it was a low creaking gurgling sound. It didn't sound like an animal. Then then i saw what was making the noise and I almost pissed my self, It was a fat Grister ad least 8ft wide not being able to move. Rolls of fat leading down its legs it had no neck just 14 chins dirty drawl ran down its chin to cover its obsessively huge belly. Smaller Gristers crawled in and out of its rolls of fat, It was terrible i get that a fat drawling Grister rubbing its self might sound a little funny but i can tell you now it was not... but being in the presents of the thing all i felt was sick disgust but i kept in mind one thing. That I had been looking for a picture of one of these things. So i busted out my camera phone and snapped a picture which i regret to this day i wish i hadnt i think if i hadn't then i would of lasted a little bit longer but as soon as i snapped the picture the thing stopped and swiveled his head to look at me. In fact all the Gristers where looking at me now. They all started hissing and screaming at me a horrible noise. like rusty nails on a chalk board. I was freaked out. I lost my self i ran out of there as fast and i could i ran all the way home.I didn't feel safe anymore i flipped off all the lights and slammed the bathroom door shut stuffing a blanked around the cracks again. And i sat down on my bed and i looked at the picture... It was there clear as day that huge Grister, just looking at it made me feel sick. Of course i was gonna post it, i sent an email to John and said would you look at this fat Fu**. Then i started writing about my self explaining what happened. I was just about to post before i got a message from John saying "Yo don't show that Sh** to anyone" I replied to John asking him what he was talking about. He said he thought he figured out what made the Gristers more hostile... He said he thought when they figured out you could see them they started getting more aggressive. He sent me pictures of scratches down his arm from where they where scratching him at night clawing at him. He said he had seen a lot more bigger ones hanging around outside his house at night. They where watching him through his window. They knew... they knew he could see them and they didn't like it. And now i'm pretty sure they could see me too. So what did i do. In the end i didn't post the image. I wasn't to intimidated but it probably saved a lot of you guys reading this. I didn't want to trigger anyone into seeing these guys if it had dangerous consequences down the road. I hadn't seen any changes in behavior from these guys for about 2 weeks i hadn't seen any changes from the Gristers. I was beginning to think that Johns problems where his own things. And that they couldn't tell you could see them or didn't care... T then things started happening so fast. I woke up one night and there where four of them perched on the end of my bed staring at me. I freaked the Fu** out and hissed at me then ran. I emailed this to John who recently i hadn't been talking to for a while He didn't respond. We hadn't talked since the picture, even rarely before then within 2 days in which the Gristers started touching me in my sleep. John was dead... his brother had his password to all his social media and was letting everyone know. He had committed suicide sliced open his wrists in the bathtub... John didn't seem the type to commit suicide. Where things with the Gristers getting really that bad. We didn't know each other all that well i mean he hadn't mentioned anything to me. His brother said he hadn't left a note. Now i had no one to talk to about this. I started looking online for anymore references. Over the weeks the Gristers started getting more and more aggressive they would be one away's over my shoulder on the windowsill staring at me. One day i opened the door of my apartment and there was one about the size of a medium sized dog staggering around with its pale face flickering in the light as it bounded up the stairs I slammed the door shut... and i didn't go into work that day. Then i saw it on the news that house.

That house that i saw that fat ass Grister at i would have skipped right past it if i hadn't seen, that house... The title... Eight found dead. 3 alive barley. Some sick Fu** had been using this house to keep women and kill them. It was a terrible Fu**ing story but what one of the survivors said stuck with me... she said "We were just so scared all the time, we didn't know when we has going to come in and kill one of us or really hurt one of us we where so scared all the time" Gristers where all over the place, and when i first saw one i was reading creepy pastas and i was really freaked out... Are these things drawn to fear...?. I read that the 3 survivors where being sent to a mental hospital for Hallucinations... Did they see the Gristers?!.. I stopped sleeping i didn't want to wake up to these things staring at me. I... i even stopped eating. and i called out of work more and more often, almost ll due to the fact that there was always ad least one Grister out side my house bigger then a cat. I was locked in my room hunting for information online. The Gristers where getting more and more violent they started to scratch me and bite me on those hours that i did want sleep... i would freak out and fend them away and they would just hiss and screech at me. A... and after about a week of this i came home and found my cat dead. Peeled the skin off of her skull giving her a look of shock. i quit my job and i cried for days. I... i don't have many friends and i really loved that cat. Gristers, they're not stupid they don't talk, they almost look like us. But they do have inelegance. I went out for food that night. probably O... one of the last times I would ever go out. I... i was waiting at the bus stop shivering looking horrible searching all around me for Gristers. the bus turned the corner I went to get on and out of no where a Grister about the size of a normal human being bent over walking their terrible trot and slammed into the back of the woman throwing her in front of the bus, she had no chance... i saw her blood and organs squeeze out of her mouth like a tube of toothpaste. Everyone freaked out and panicked and people rushed to her aid... The Grister turned slowly toward me and grinned... I dropped my shopping and screamed and ran all the way home sobbing on the way... They're toying with me... A... and that was when I realized why there wasn't anyone I could really talk to about Gristers... Readers... how many times have you herd that people have committed suicide due to them suffering of Hallucinations... or read the reports where people have been in terrible situations or in dungeons or wars and have suffered Hallucinations... Sure some of them are Hallucinations but some of them... some of them are The Gristers. And eventually they realize that you can see them and they start... they start toying with you... I don't think anyone they toy with is driven to suicide. I don't think it was John who killed himself... They're smart they know how to make things look like a suicide. You will read about it or hear about it... about how someone committed suicide but somethings not quite right... Or someone who went out and Brought a new couch and slit his wrists on it... Readers i don't think there's anything special about John and me... Its just these things... your more likely to see them when your scared... since that's when there drawn to you... I can hear them now... it sounds like a really big one outside my apartment door... it sounds like its trying to claw its way through the wood. I-i'm taking the easy way out... i'd rather have a single shot then have my skin torn open by them teeth... so Readers please this is my warning to you. stop I know you love being afraid I know you love being frightened. you've gotta stop. every time you get scared, every time you get that feeling of dread in your stomach. Your drawing the Gristers to you! And if you don't stop getting that feel of dread then don't ever check those sounds in the house.

Written by: Justin Lowry, 9u

Inspired by: Mrcreepypasta

P.S. Sorry any readers for some inappropriate language and some disturbing use of some words being used if unwanted then I will delete. This story was inspired By Mrcreepypasta as shown above make sure to check him out on YouTube.



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