America as a Christian Nation By: Trevor Swanson

Historical Documents

Battle of Trenton

The battle of Trenton was a battle fought during the time in which George Washington was a commander. The victory in this battle led to confidence in the army and many more victories. During this battle Washington's horse was shot. This memorable event showed an account of God's divine protection over Washington.

Thomas Jefferson Document

This document is what gave a ship permission to continue on its journey. What is interesting about this document is it says " in the year of our Lord Christ". It is significant because very few documents ever say the word "Christ". Since Jefferson publicly displayed this statement, it shows that America was founded as a Christian Nation.

The 104th Psalm by John Quincy Adams

John Quincey Adams, the 6th president of the United States was well known for his use of words. The image is of his hand written poem prescribed from the 104th Psalm. It shows that he appreciated the Word of God and held firmly in his faith.

Historical Sermons

Sermon - Easter - 1910

The Easter sermon was given by Paul Dwight Moody who was the son of a famous evangelist. The sermon renewed people and was the cause of many spiritual revivals. This was also the first Easter sermon ever preached. A famous quote from it is, "I have seen the Lord".

Sermon - Earthquakes - 1755

The Earthquake Sermon was preached by Jonathan Mayhew, he was a pastor who published many sermons relating to Christianity. This one was done after many earthquakes which occurred that year. He taught rational and practical Christianity based off of scripture. It speaks of the glory of God and His presence in our lives.

Sermon - Military - 1755

Samule Davies, the licensed preacher who spoke of peace and liberty. He mentions George Washington and his courage. He preaches that for men to be of good courage, we must follow our Lord and allow Him to work in us. This scene changes many people's faith. After hearing of courage they desire the same protection and a seat next to the Lord in heaven.

Historical Writings

Address - Why are you a Christian - 1795

This was written by Reverend John Clarke which of course discusses the reasoning behind being a Christian. He preaches it not to give an answer but to show that truth is necessary. We have a false perception of reality. His confessions to why he is a Christian shows that God is worthy of belief.

"Give me liberty or give me death"

This was written by Patrick Henry in 1775. Patrick Henry thought very highly of patriotism. He talked about grace and how we must love and not deceive ourselves. This told the people that they were weak. Together the people rose up as a Christian Nation and were stronger.

The Founders as Christians

Samuel Adams, Charles Carroll, William Cushing, John Dickinson, John Hancock, Patrick Henry (the quote in the image), John Jay, Daniel St. Thomas Jennifer, Henry Knox, John Langdan, John Morton, and Robert Treat Paine are all Christian founding fathers of America. All of these men contributed to America being founded as a Christian Nation. If that doesn't conclude that America was once a Christian Nation then I don't know what does.


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