5 side effects Of LSD And how to avoid them

1. Hallucinations, the most well known side effect of LSD, can cause the user to see or hear thing that are not real. This can cause people to make strange decisions or do strange things on the whims of the false things that they see. This could lead to the injury of themselves, and the people around them.

Oh no

2. Impaired Judgment, which can be caused by the previously mentioned hallucinations, can cause people do do or say inappropriate things that could risk getting themselves or other people hurt. This could also harm the user's relationships with others by doing something to hurt them, either emotionally, mentally, and/or physically thanks to their poor decisions.

Poor driving...not the best idea

3. Anxiety/depression is often associated with the effects of the drug as well. This can make the afflicted expirence mood swings and/or paranoia, which can be off putting to those around them, and can hurt their relationships. These things could also increase their likelihood of self-harm and suicide in these people.

It's ok, Charlie

4. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is not as widely recognized and understood as others, such as depression or anxiety. This may cause people on the outside to fear and avoid a person who suffers from the disorder. It also makes getting a job, getting into college, and getting through life in general much more difficult.

The was meant to be the disorder/disease, by the way

5. Sleeplessness is also sometimes caused by lsd. Without getting proper sleep, these people may be less efficient at school or work, which could cause a negative impact in the long run. It, in extended periods, and also make the afflicted neurotic and paranoid, which can have a negative effect on relationships.

YAWN...being tired's never fun, huh?

As illustrated above, lsd (and other drugs for that matter) can cause damage both mentally and physically, and can hinder a person's ability to succeed in the future. For a parent, one may fear the concept of such a thing happening to their dear child. Parents should teach their children from a young age of the dangers this and other drugs, and never be afraid to talk and listen to their children. Teens and young adults should also surround themselves with good friends and family members, who won't pressure them into taking lsd. They should also remember to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, with plenty of sleep, and refuse these drugs when they are offered to them.

This has been an Obama approved message

Sources: Drugs.com, dependency.net, drugfreeworld.net

Project by: Audrey Ledbetter

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