The Pearl John steinbeck


John Steinbeck

Title: The Pearl

Author: John Steinbeck

Genre: Fiction

# of Pages: 90


The Story of a great pearl and it’s findings by a strong young fisherman; Kino, and how he, his wife, and young child lose it.

The parents of coyotito try to find a way to cure their poisoned baby, an infamous pearl, happiness or evil?

Theme Statements

When your family is not your first priority in life, whether it’s mentally or physically they tend to get hurt.

When Greed is what drives you in life, you tend to lose your original goal.

Listen to others/take advice because if you don’t, in the end you will only end up regretting the choices you didn't make.

If you're only in it for the gain, you're not going to end up finding happiness in the end.

STYLE DISCUSSION; John Steinbeck´s novel The Pearl has a very calm and relaxed feel/attitude yet it leaves the reader feeling impatient, anxious and very ready to read on. John Steinbeck uses repetitive events in his story, for example: he uses the trackers throughout a solid chunk of his novel. This makes it very easy to follow whats going on in the novel but still allows you to feel like your not reading a children´s book.

TODAY´S RELEVANCE; The novel has a theme that readers can connect with not just when the book was written but whenever a reader picks up this five star novel. this theme is specifically known as ¨Greed.¨ Greed is connectable with life today because when greed is what drives you in life, you tend to lose your original goal.

The novel will keep you on the edge of your seat telling your parents that your not ready to go to bed yet. This book was compelling even from the beginning when the scorpian was crawling down the rope resembling evil and greed showing how the world (parents) should really act.

RATING: Overall this novel was a five star novel and I would highly recommend the read.

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