Investigating the Dakota Access Pipeline Joel gibbs

I'd like to begin by stating that I wholeheartedly believe that the advancement of the Dakota Pipeline has many benefits, including both environmental and economical, as well as it being cost effective. Despite the many negative connotations surrounding the project, there are countless perks with the most prominent being discussed below.

According to, America uses 800 million gallons of petroleum every day which is a testament to Energy Transfer Partners' role in developing the 'latest in pipeline technologies' to bring energy to American homes and businesses. Energy Transfer Partners also operate more than 70,000 miles of pipeline while prioritizing us building with "American materials, American workers, and American ingenuity."

As an intern with the US Department of Energy, perpetuating accurate information and statistics via weekly podcast regarding the construction and progress of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) will be a priority. In no way will bias, as it relates to stakeholders and the public, affect my research and data that will be articulated. The purpose and expected outcomes, as well as the possibility of less desirable outcomes, pertaining to the DAPL will be the focal point of my assessments.

I will articulate accurate, timely information via podcast in order for people to understand the complexity of the DAPL and its optimal cost to benefit ratio. This deliverable would allow me to not only help answer questions in a timely manner, but engage in civil discourse with those who aren't in favor of the DAPL, as well as those who are. As a democrat, I am very much interested in what the people have to say.

As it relates to the previous sentence, I am all for granting people full autonomy over their own thoughts a la podcast. What better way is there than that, as it gives people the opportunity to submit questions? Many people find it difficult to articulate specifically what they feel on the spot, so this eliminates that problem. In no way am I fleeing the opposition, as we can tackle this debate together through civil discourse. During this internship, I don't anticipate many problems as I am equipped to handle any questions or concerns that are presented.


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