A Dying Species Help conserve the Grevy's Zebra

What is the zebra?

Mammal that lives in Kenya and Ethiopia. Is a mammal that belongs to the equidae family. Black and white stripped with large ears and a mane. Herbivore that eats grasses and shrubs. Travels in heards and is very social. Consumed by carnivores and killed by humans. Travels with heards up to 30+, very social.


  • Food Source for predators and scavengers
  • Prevents over-eating of other herbivores
  • Tends to foliage
  • (Indirectly) Controls the insect population some

Ecological Importance

  • Plays important roles for its ecosystem
  • Predators eat zebras (Example Lion, Jaguar, Nile Crocodile, etc.)
  • Provides energy (Energy through carnivore consumption and decomposition)
  • Indirectly helps control the insect population
  • Helps balance niche rolls

They also...

  • Serve for important medical uses
  • Esthetic, inspiration
  • Help native villagers with trade and their economy

How much does it cost to house a zebra(s)?

Zebras can easily be treated as horses. Zoos all across America that own zebras tend to run generaly the same procedures as a horse. There are many distinct features that tell a zebra apart from a horse but they require the same space, food, and hygiene care.

In the wild, they eat grass. The constant chewing of grass helps file there teeth preventing dental problems. In captivity this can not be properly stimulated so proper dental care must take place with the help of humans just like horses. Horses have been our pets for many years and compared to other animals like Polar Bears and Hippos, Zebras cost the least to keep care of.

What you can do:

The number of Grevy's in the wild steadily declines at an only growing rate. As the numbers dwindle the fate of other species can only remain uncertain in the savannah ecosystem. So, we ask for you to

  • Conserve the Zebra
  • Donate to conservation foundations
  • Help research
  • Spread the love

share the zebra love


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