Hi im Markiplier Welcome to my blog :D

My Holidays on mallorca

It were great!

I got a taxi to the airport there I first bought a crossaint I were so hungry. Then I waited for PewDiePie, we want to flew together. Ten minutes later he arrived.

Together we talked about the boycott of many companys. After that we got in the plane. PewDiePie suddenly began to sleep. I looked out of the window, it was an amazing view. Seconds later I sleeped too. An hour later I woke up and found a small key on my leg. PewDiePie was awake too, I asked him where the key are from, but he dont know. I take the key, I will asked in the airport where this key did came from. PewDiePie started to cut his vlog of yesterday. Myself did the same. The flight was quickly end. On Mallorca we asked at Lost and Found the man said:„The key fit locker #365 at the airport. What had left me?" „I found it in the plane." I said. So PewDiePie and I went to locker #365. In the locker we found cameras, the new GoPro Hero 5 and the Sony a7r mark 2. We went again to Lost and Found and gave them up. A taxi picked us and drove with us to the hotel. At the hotel we got our keys for the rooms and chill there a while. In the evening we walked to a restaurant on the beach and ate a burger. Later we went back to the hotel and played in our rooms Resident Evil.

3 Days later we wanted to flew back home. At the Mallorca airport we went to Lost and Found to fitch the cams, if nobody report themself. Nobody was there to fitch the cams, so we got them. We apport they and I got the a7r mark 2 and PewDiePie the GoPro.

Mallorca is a nice island and I had much fun with PewDiePie.

Thanks for reading


ATTENTION: This isnt the officlal blog of Markiplier its only a part of the English school education. :)


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