Barefoot Compression Therapy Powerful Bodywork Joel Hillman

What Is Barefoot Compression Therapy?

Barefoot Compression Therapy is a potent and immensely satisfying form of bodywork where the therapist uses his feet in slow, firm compressions of the client’s muscles.

It is done fully clothed and is very effective in relieving pain, healing injuries, and improving athletic performance.


The majority of pain most people suffer from is soft tissue related. The body’s response to this pain is to tighten up or contract around an injury. After a while, we forget how to let go. Barefoot Compression Therapy, also known as Barefoot Deep Tissue Bodywork, is direct applications of pressure into a muscle in order to release muscles and promote healing. It not only feels deeply satisfying but under the surface, lasting, powerful healing occurs:

  • Tight muscles soften and lengthen
  • Fascia tissue is rejuvenated and enlivened
  • Muscle fibers enjoy increased blood flow, aiding in healing
  • Range of motion and freedom of movement increases
  • Muscles fire faster with increased amounts of acetyl choline
  • Muscle lesions heal faster with increased collagen production
  • Released histamines dilate capillaries, increasing cellular nutrition
  • Myofascial and muscle pain caused by trigger points is usually eliminated

About Joel Hillman

Joel Hillman was born in Los Angeles, California and has been living in Marin County since 1983. He lived and traveled extensively through Europe, the Middle East and the Far East (Thailand, India, Nepal and Tibet), meeting remarkable men and learning many different healing modalities and spiritual practices. Joel attended Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, California and graduated with a BS in Agriculture. Later, he studied Deep Tissue Massage and Aikido under Richard Heckler, Randy Cherner and Robert Hall at The Lomi School of Massage in Petaluma, California and became a Certified Massage Therapist in 1989.

In 2000, Joel first learned of Barefoot Compression Therapy from the legendary sports medicine pioneer, John Harris, at Alive and Well Institute of Consciousness Bodywork in San Anselmo, California. John Harris became Joel’s mentor and after completing his advanced courses, Joel eventually began teaching classes with John in Santa Barbara, California.

This type of bodywork changed Joel’s practice from just giving relaxing, deep tissue massage to actually fixing people with all kinds of chronic pain, and injuries and improving athletic performance of all types.

Joel has taught Barefoot Compression Therapy classes at Alive and Well, The Monterey Institute of Touch and at other locations in Santa Barbara and Marin County.

Joel maintains a successful practice in San Rafael, California and continues to teach Barefoot Compression Therapy to other body workers and massage therapists.

What Do People Have to Say About the Treatment?

After seeing Joel one time my back pain went away and never came back
Just exquisite!

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