Greece 6 componets By: HUdson WArnes

Geography/Cities: The sea and the rocky fertile soil and climate had made Greek Citizens very rich. One of these reasons was since they were so close to the sea it had given me advantages some made the soil fertile making farming more rapid and productive. The rocky soil was really not used for farming but the climate was used for many other things such as growing wheat, barley, olives, and grapes, and also sheep and goat. Some of the cities that were located and important were Athens,Troy, Mellitus Delphi, Corinth, Thebes, Mycenae, and Knossos. I know this because these cities had very good geography features such as the ocean. All of these are very close to the city making fertile soil for farming and other purposes.

Class Divisions: Citizenship was not really for everyone. Most Citizens were native men that had owned a piece of land. But some cities such as Athens had dropped the native men owning land and let mostly everyone become citizens except for Slaves, foreign born residents, and women and children. People who were Greek citizens were allowed to vote, pass laws, run for office, defend themselves in court for an exchange of these tasks the citizens had to fight for there polis. The citizens in Greece were totally different than long before such as Mesopotamia or Egypt. This was because in Mesopotamia or Egypt had citizens that were not allowed to have rights, be apart of the government, and the little things they could do was obey their ruler. But in Greece citizens were allowed to do all of those things. The citizenship was supposed to be used for making these greeks make decisions and not have that much different ways or theories. They had become successful with making citizens and we still use this method today.

Art: Art was very important back in greece because most of it had represented there ways of doing things. However they had also artwork such as Tragedy masks,Doric,Ionic,Lighthouse of Alexandria, and backdrop paintings. These Ideas of art had came up mostly when they had plays. One famous writer was Aristophanes. He had decided to make two actors in a script and not just one. Also he had made masks and props for these plays. This had made these plays more enjoyable for people to watch and later on a man named Sophocles had actually made a 3 man show for his act and had props and costumes. The lighthouse of Alexandria was also known for one of the seven wonders of the world. The lighthouse had outstanding designs such as the Ionic and Doric pillars. These Ideas of art were later spread out to Egypt, and modern day India and afghanistan.

Organized Government: There were many different forms in the government such as a Tyrant. A Tyrant is someone who takes power by force and rules with total authority. Some of the advantages of a tyrant were that no arguments in their decision, They will know that only one person and make it easier to understand them. Some disadvantages are that it might be harder for him to rule, their is nothing he can really do if he has trouble with his community he cannot turn to anyone. Another Form of the government is an Oligarchy. An Oligarchy is were few people hold the power. Some advantages of an Oligarchy is that there will be less fighting over whose decisions are better, there will always be ideas around to improve the community. Some disadvantages were that it would be easy to make the citizens mad, they could just want to be a tyrant causing kaos. Another way in the government was Representative Democracy is where everyone has a say in who represents them. the advantages were that everyone had a say, you could run for Government. Some of the disadvantages were that you would probably fight a lot of who you want to run your government. Another form of democracy is Direct Democracy and is were all Citizens can vote. Some of the advantages were that you could vote for only a few people. some of the disadvantages were that you could only vote for one person. All of these forms of government were not all just used back then. Some of these we use in modern day such as Direct democracy, Representative Democracy. I think the best democracy back than was an Oligarchy because it had showed that it would be easier to make decisions quicker and work with each other easier.

Religion: The Greeks had believed in many gods such as Zeus, Apollo, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Artemis, Athena, Ares, Hermes, Aphordite, and Hestia. They believed that they had lived on mount Olympus the highest mountain in Greece. They woud bring gifts to these gods and thought in return to give them great fortune. They had also believed a gloomy after life with hades ruleing the underworld. Zeus was in control of Lightning, rain, and sky, and Posiden was in charge of, Earthquakes and the Sea.

Writing System: The Greeks had gotten the idea of greek alphabet off of the Phoenicians. The greek alphabet had 24 letters and sounds in it which had made writing stories and ideas down easier. An example is


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