Frindle book by Andrew clements

What makes a word a word. And why are words spelled the way they are. That is the question Nick Allen asks when he is stuck with a teacher that is OBSESSED with dictionary's!!!

Nick wants to answer this question. So Nick makes up the word frindle to use instead of pen! So everyone uses this word.

But sadly his teacher doesn't like the word. And some more people. This started a word war

This word was known, throughout the whole world. Nick was even on TV. And the war continued, Nick had to sign a letter that he didn't even get to read. His teacher said he would read it when the frindle nonsense is over.

And soon enough it really did end! Nick became very rich and his teacher sent him the letter he signed. And it said that if you are reading this frindle is in the dictionary. (DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT) And while being rich Nick gives his school 1,000 bucks!



I'd like to thank the author of this book (Andrew Clements)

Thank you the project maker (Miles Allen)

And the person who introduced Adobe (Miles Allen) And a little of Mrs. Batista!

Now here are some pictures to honor them

Man Miles Stole The Show!

I would give Frindle 3/5 because it was a good book but not really for my taste. If you like Fiction and Dictionarys Frindle is the right book for you! Oh, and one last thing


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