DTC #4: Turn Left For Tacos we all Enjoy long walks on the beach, but we really like what happens next





Stroll through Venice Beach’s waterside landmarks like the skate park, breakwater and muscle beach just before dusk.

You’ll make your way into a classic taco den enjoying your spot in the bar next to divorcees slugging half off cocktails.

As the crowd pours in you’ll make your way to an underground party full of laughs.

Believe it or not the famed Muscle Beach was established in 1934 playing host to greats like Lou Ferrigno, Danny Trejo and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Stop 1

long walk on the beach ... and THE VENICE BOARDWALK

• 7pm to 7:45pm •

Take your first steps onto the Venice Boardwalk heading south from Brooks Avenue. You’ll time travel across decades, as you pass soulful artists and the remains of LA's vibrant counterculture. Next, roll over to the Venice Skatepark. The talent found on this island between the boardwalk and ocean here deserves a detour, especially if you are over the boardwalk scene. Continue further to the end of the sand: The Venice Breakwater. When the tide is low, your group can climb to the top for a picturesque sunset-selfie. As the magic hour comes to a close, follow the water line past the famous Muscle Beach, and then back to the boardwalk. At North Venice Boulevard, turn left for tacos that have been touted as “the best in the world."

Stop 2

Mahi mahi tacos and half off martinis at james' beach

• 7:45pm to 8:45pm •

The full extent of the southern California taco lover is on display Wednesday nights at James Beach. Here, attorneys and socialites, file in equal breadth amongst bikers and musicians to sample the flavors of the simple yet elegant mahi-mahi tacos. While sipping your half-priced martini on the patio, keep an eye out for the cougar spilling her’s behind the crispy surfer re-telling his big wave stories. While tacos on the shore are perfect faire for an evening on the town, they also set you up for a late night underground…

Stop 3

underground comedy at the townhouse

• 9pm til your stomach hurts from laughing •

The drop in temperature signals a natural close to the beach day, but your group should head up the boardwalk to Winward Avenue. The sign for “Townhouse” draws you near; if you run into the Insta-famous, “V-E-N-I-C-E” sign, you’ve gone too far. Townhouse’s ever-buzzing upstairs is a staple hangout for drinks or a game of pool, but on Wednesday night you’ll want to make your way downstairs by 9pm. Finding an open barrel gives you the perfect vantage to take in the nights comedy show. And just like the day’s characters, these jokers revel in the paradox of their surroundings, bringing commentary on all that is LA.

BONUS: As the comedy ends, another incredible show will grace the stage: burlesque. You will be greatly rewarded if you witness this late night show but don’t tell your boss as it starts at midnight.


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