January 2017 MacLearn Duplicate Annihilator, Care and Security, Beginner and Intermediate Tips

We opened the January morning MacLearn session with Anders Bjarby, developer and CEO of Bratto Propaganda Software. He came to us via Skype from Sweden as we were just getting up and he was getting ready to go to sleep. He demonstrated Duplicate Annihilator, a simple app that works to remove all those duplicates in your Photos collection. It distinguishes between thumbnails and originals and modifications so you donʻt delete the wrong ones! Click the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to install and use DA. Anders is giving HMAUS members a 50% off the $7.95 single app license. Youʻll receive the code by HMAUS member mail.

Duplicate Annhilator has been downloaded over 2 million times in 170 countries so Anders gets lots of questions about iPhoto and Photos. So he had a bonus for us - features in Photos we may not know about. These tips are all available in his free newsletter linked below. Parts 4 and 5 include his Photos tips. Mahalo Anders!

Then Noel Sen of applemagic.net gave us tips on keeping our devices and privacy safe online.

He prepared a set of helpful links including an app the Apple Store and online help desk recommends if you think you are infected with "malware". Malwarebytes is reported to have found the first 2017 malware - Fruitfly! http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/malwarebytes-finds-first-macos-malware-of-2017/

In the afternoon Terrence helped the beginners with a variety of questions. Here is are two handouts - the first is a summary of 10 basic things to get you started. The second is a long, detailed handout on basic skills - I apologize for not having the original source for this one but it has some good information to keep handy near your computer as a reference.

Arlen had a bunch of interesting tips for your Mac or iPhone and iPad. His handout is linked below.

There was a question about creating a split screen in Sierra - two side by side windows you can click back and forth between. It's not hard but at first it can be a little confusing. Here is short video on how to do that is linked in the second button. Sorry, I don't know why I sound like I'm rushing to catch the last train out of town!

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