The Legacy of Theodore Roosevelt An unForgettable man

Roosevelt is depicted policeman holding a cudgel featuring the words Big Stick Diplomacy.

Foreign Policy

'Speak softly and carry a big stick'
  1. Roosevelt Corollary: Roosevelt makes an extension to the Munroe Doctrine stating that he can act as the policeman in other nearby countries.
  2. Stronger Military and Navy: Roosevelt really starts beefing up the Navy (Great White Fleet).
  3. Imperialism: Roosevelt starts growing America into an empire by gaining territory and settling disputes. Through this he constructs the Panama Canal

The Roosevelt Corollary

The Great White Fleet

The Panama Canal


A Modern President

  1. 'Steward of the People': National Parks, Consumer Rights, Trust-Busting
  2. Made the Executive Branch more powerful
  3. Well liked by media
  4. Charismatic
The Trust Buster T. Roosevelt

Domestic Policy

The Square Deal

  1. Conserved Natural Resources: T. Roosevelt set aside land for national parks.
  2. Trust-Buster: He took apart harmful monopolies.
  3. Protector of the Consumer: He helped start the FDA among other things to help protect consumers from harmful products.

The End

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