The Greed of Man.


Emiliano as the son

Abizmael as the father

Setting- In the suburbs of Guadalajara Mexico. In the small home of a family of two. Composing of a father and his son.

Plot summary- This is a story of a folktale of a small middle class family found in the suburbs of Guadalajara. Composing of a son with the name of Emiliano who one day was found talking to himself in his own room by his father. He claimed to have been talking to his friend which had no appearing name which was not visible to the human eye. This continued over a time spand of over a moth but over the Tim the child's behavior started to change. It seemed as he was no longer himself. He started to act in a different manner. Rebelling against his father. He had demented thoughts and actions. The kid claimed that his actions were being induced by his imaginary friend. Then one day the father confronted this imaginary figure and demanded it to leave his son. It appeared onto him and was seen as a evil spirit and said " I will grant you three wishes and use them wisely. The father accepted those three wishes and used them all to ask for money, money, and more money. The spirt said " well then your wish is my demand" and granted his wishes . Then told the father " wrong answer, I will forever follow you child and will never leave his side. You had to wish for your son to be free. Then forever his son was followed by this spirit intill his death. And forever the father lived in sorrow wiping his tear with his endless unwanted wealth.

Symbols- The father represents most people in today's society.

Meaning and significance of the folktale- the point that is trying to be made is that. Wealth not at all times bring us happiness but sometimes instead it brings is sorrow. Money is not everything and we should strive to be humble instead of being greedy and soon unhappy. We should not allow for money or any material define our happiness and life.


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