3D Hologram Pyramid By Sophia Qaladh

Week 1 - Materials

So far the project has been going great. All the materials were bought except the plastic, which I'm still trying to find a stronger substitute for. I've tried using screen protector glass but as soon as I tried to cut it into the shape I needed, the whole screen cracked. I've found a new trick while researching. Instead of putting 4 replicated pictures, I can put 2 of the front of whatever it is I want displayed, and two of the side, which will give a full 360 view. I still don't know if it works, but in according to the information I found, it should. Next week, I'm planning to start my research. I want to find out more about my 3 main questions before I start the actual building of the pyramid, just in case there's something I need to know.

Week 2 - Research

I haven't found much. There are many websites on how to build a 3D hologram pyramid, but none of them say why it works. My goals for today is to:

1. Continue My research

2. Start building My pyramid

3. Download apps for the editing of the 3D photo.

Next week I'm hoping to start on the wooden structure which will hold the pyramid. Even though I didn't really find anything about why it works, I found some interesting information. I can make a video instead of a photo. It would require more skill and apps, but my parents have friends who can help me. I already have the black drape for the background, all I need now is some kind of thing to display.

Week 3

I was so incredibly busy this week and didn't get to work much on my project. However, one of the things I did finish was my planning. Week 4 I will start the building of the pyramid. I'll use plastic to make it just because I couldn't find anything better to use. If I ran out of time for the video however, I can use one from online. My goals for this week is to finish the building of the pyramid and the structure that will hold it. I've discovered how the pyramid works however. It's kind of like a mirror effect. I'll explain more of it on my poster. I discovered that glass is better then plastic for this project, so I need to find some way to shape it. I still don't have any video-making programs just because I'm on chromebook, so I need to find a solution for that.

Week 4

This week wasn't so bad. I started building my structure and finding the measurements for the pyramid. I really need to start on my video however, so I'll probably videotape it this weekend. I still don't know what I'm gonna do in the video, but I'm starting out with a simple picture then moving on to the more complicated stuff. My goals for this week are:

1. Start making the video and finding editing programs

2. Practice making videos so that the final one is better

3. finish up the pyramid so I can test everything out.

I was gonna try to make glass in the shape that I needed but I discovered that you need EXTREME heat to make it. Well, there goes the material for my pyramid. However, I'll continue researching better substitutes so it's fine.


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