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The Living Creative Approach

Welcome. This is a short sampling of work from MoneyGram Creative Services, based in Warsaw and serving our marketing departments around the world. We’re here to bring you the best in advertising, design, multimedia, digital creativity and copywriting. And how do we do it? With the unique Living Creative approach. This innovative methodology was developed by us and introduced in our 2016 rebrand. It allows us to tailor work to different regions, cultures, ethnicities and social groups while maintaining consistency. We believe in emotional rather than functional messages, which is why we have also developed four brand stories based on universal human motivations. It’s about getting closer to our customers – wherever they are.

MoneyGram Brand Giudelines

How do you speak to people of different regions, cultures, ethnicities and social groups and ensure that your message is understood? The answer is our living creative approach.


The world of money transfer is changing. To stay ahead, MoneyGram is bringing to market new services and innovations that will make our customers’ lives easier. This is where MyWay comes in.

Holidays 2017 – Global Campaign

Q4 2017

Christmas is a family celebration. It is all about sharing and being together. But even if you’re apart from your loved ones, you can still have a family Christmas the way you want with MoneyGram.

Ramadan 2017 – Global Campaign

Q2 2017

Ramadan is a month-long religious festival observed throughout the world. Along with its key elements of fasting, prayer and giving to charity, it is also a time when families come together.

ICC 2017 – Global Campaign

Q2 2017

The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy and 2019 ICC World Cup are celebrated by millions of passionate fans. MoneyGram is the only money transfer company sponsoring these events.

DOR 2016 – Global Campaign

Q4 2016

With its population of around 20 million and high proportion of citizens working abroad, Romania is a crucial market.

Mother's Day 2016/17 – Global Campaign

Q1 2016

Mother’s Day is a time for people of all ages and across every continent to honor the nurturing, feminine figures in their lives.

Diwali 2016 – Global Campaign

Q3 2016

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in Hinduism, celebrated by around one billion people on the Indian sub-continent as well as the Indian diaspora worldwide.

Holidays 2016 – Global Campaign

Q4 2016

The December holiday season includes a number of ethnic and cultural festivals, with Christmas being perhaps the most widely celebrated.

Moneygrado 2016 – Global Campaign

Q3 2016

Nearly 10% of the world’s 100 million Filipinos live and work abroad, in countries around the world.

Men’s EHF Euro 2016 – Sponsorship

Q1 2016

Handball is a team sport played by 197 federations worldwide, with its greatest popularity being in Europe.

Kosovo 2016 – Local Campaign

Q2-Q4 2016

As a Gold Medal winner for Kosovo at the Rio Olympics, Majlinda Kelmendi is a hero for her entire nation.

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