Warriors guard: Stephen Curry Isn't only a great basketball player

Over the past few years, Warriors guard: Stephen Curry has shot up the charts when discussing talent, skill, and fame. Many NBA fans know him as the best three point shooter, the best ball handler, and the fanciest passer in the game. But what many fans fail to see, is how great of a person Stephen Curry is as well. Through these four different genre pieces, fans will soon learn how humble, dedicated, and relentless Stephen Curry is to be the best version of himself. The four genre pieces provided all share the message that although Stephen Curry was never the fastest, or the strongest, he was the one who never gave up on himself or his dreams. Through his excellence and commitment, he inspires his fan base and audience to be better and to have empathy for the less fortunate.

Stephen Curry "I am Steph Curry, and I am in no hurry!"

Born in Ohio

The one who took a while

To get noticed

He was worried about the hocus pocus

I am Steph Curry, and I am in no hurry!

Coaches were cruel

They said his game was poo

I am Steph Curry, and I am in no hurry!

He kept grinding and started shining

He started to reign threes like a silver lining

I am Steph Curry, and I am in no hurry!

Killed it at Davidson

All this boy wanted to do was win

Grew a goatee on his chin

People said he played like Jeremy Lin

After that he put on his hat

Drafted by Golden State

He was not a great weight

Won the MVP

And a ring

The people got so mean

Saying his shot was like Draymond Green

I am Steph Curry, and I am in no hurry!

Daughter named Riley

Always so smiley

Gonna beat a record can't you see

I am Steph Curry, and I am in no hurry!

This poem written by Halk Hailkis, illustrates the impeccable work ethic that Stephen Curry has had his entire life. His intended audience has to be directed to the NBA fan base which is evident in the vocabulary he uses. He expects his audience to be familiar with terms/vocabulary he uses such as: Jeremy Lin, Draymond Green, and MVP. Since the genre of this piece is a poem, Halk Hailkis, was required to have each stanza rhyme and he included repetition in his poem in order to captivate his audiences attention.

For my second genre type I decided to go with a meme of Warriors guard Stephen Curry. In the well known Dos Equis commercial, a middle aged man with grey hair is found at a bar drinking beer. His famous line is the following: "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis". In this meme, which was intended for the younger NBA fans, I expected the audience to have prior knowledge on the Dos Equis commercials, as the middle aged man's face is swapped with the face of Stephen Curry. He begins to follow the line of the Dos Equis commercials stating," I don't always make shots..." but then corrects himself and finishes the slogan with,"... just kidding I always make shots." This meme's purpose was to depict Stephen Curry second guessing himself, but realizing that he truly is one of the best to ever play the game of basketball.
Growing up in a household surrounded by sports fans, it is undeniable that Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has caught my attention. Before reading this book I thought that Steph Curry was just another millionaire basketball player who probably valued his team, his brand, and his salary like most NBA basketball players have in the past. Prior to reading The Right Steph, I began to learn more about his character and who and what he values in his crazy lifestyle. In just a few pages, author Mike Yorkey conveys his message to his readers as he enlightens Steph Curry fans of the NBA stars faith in Christianity, his value for his family, and his honest, humble, and hardworking personality that Stephen Curry has.

OP ED ARTICLE: Warriors Guard Stephen Curry brings joy to those in Africa with his charity called Nothing But Nets.

Stephen Wardell Curry has made a commitment to donate three mosquito nets to families in Africa for every three pointer he makes behind the arc. He took a trip to Africa back in 2009 when he wasn't as famous as he is today. He was in shock when he saw the living conditions that many people in Africa had been living in. Due to the life changing experience he had in Africa, he decided to create a charity called Nothing But Nets whose mission is to provide anti mosquito nets to families in Africa so that they can sleep in peace and not in fear of the very dangerous mosquitos that are present in Africa. He hopes to receive more support from fellow team mates and his fans in his mission to help families in Africa.


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