Zimbra to Thunderbird Import Zimbra TGZ to Thunderbird MBOX without Data Loss

Do you want to transfer your Zimbra Files to Thunderbird File format? Then, read further as we have discussed a solution to export Zimbra to Thunderbird format and understand the requirement of Zimbra desktop to Mozilla Thunderbird Converter.

There are so many email clients available in today’s digital era. However, all of them have various file storage formats. Zimbra is one of them, which is a famous desktop-based email application for managing multiple user accounts at a single place. It also manages all the table of contents in the mailboxes like emails, calendars, notes, contacts, etc. Despite it, Thunderbird that is the leading email client used in the various organizations. It stores all its data in MBOX file format. As both the email application has different file format therefore, users need to convert Zimbra to Thunderbird. In this write-up, we are going to discuss various user’s queries to migrate Zimbra to Thunderbird along with a solution to perform the same.

Queries Related to Zimbra to Thunderbird Migration

There are numerous situation arises due to which users search for different solutions to convert from Zimbra Desktop to Thunderbird MBOX. These reasons are reported in form of client’s queries that is using Zimbra desktop regularly for emailing purpose:

Query 1: “Presently I am using Zimbra desktop email client on m machine. Now, I am planning to move my entire Zimbra database to Mozilla Thunderbird. As the rate of response of Zimbra is too much slow as well as lengthy. It appears as if Zimbra is testing my patience strength while giving outcome to my commands. So, can anyone recommend me a solution to convert my emails of Zimbra in Mozilla Thunderbird? I searched a lot but did not find any direct way to perform conversion. Please help.”

Query 2: “I am currently using Zimbra Desktop application that has a number of limitations which are starting to irritate me, and hoping that Thunderbird will meet my needs. Therefore, I have decided to switch from Zimbra to Thunderbird because I found Mozilla Thunderbird better means to manage personal as well as professional information. However, I tried many approaches for the same but none of them helped me out. Can anyone suggest an error-free way by which I can successfully import Zimbra to Thunderbird?”

Query 3: “I am using Zimbra email application from about 9 months. In beginning, I found it quite simple and a good mailing program. However, with the day-after-day increase in usage of Zimbra, the email synchronization process was slow down. I tried many ways to speed up the same but none of them worked. Now I had decided to move from Zimbra Desktop to Thunderbird. Please suggest me some efficient solution!”

Error-Free Way to Migrate Zimbra Desktop to Thunderbird

Zimbra to Thunderbird converter is a comprehensive tool, designed to convert Zimbra to MBOX format with full precision. The tool maintains emails rich-text along with styling and hierarchy of data after conversion. This is the perfect tool for migrating multiple Zimbra Desktop data files to Thunderbird. The utility keeps attachments into its original format. The application does not require any expertise help to perform the conversion process. The software comes up with simple as well as user-friendly interface.

Impressive Features of Zimbra to Thunderbird Migration Tool

  • Import all Zimbra mailbox items i.e. emails, briefcase, contacts, etc.
  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10.
  • Converts multiple Zimbra TGZ data files at once to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Moves the Zimbra TGZ file to Thunderbird MBOX without extraction.
  • Completely safe, secure, and error-free solution to convert Zimbra mailbox.
  • No file size limitation imposed by the Zimbra Desktop to Thunderbird tool.
  • All the data integrity is preserved in exact form after moving the data to MBOX

Try Free Demo version to Conversion

Zimbra to Thunderbird migration software comes up with the free demo version that make easy for users to understand the complete functionality and working of the software. As it is a demo version then, the user can only move 25 data items. However, if you want to execute migration of MBOX files more than 25 then you must go for licensed version that is the next step of migration soon after free of cost and is present at levelheaded price range.

Reference Link : http://www.bitrecover.com/zimbra/converter/

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