Syria, man, it's crazy. By: Andrew Straffin

The conflict in Syria only escalates, since the start of the fight over a quarter of one million lives have been lost. There are six million refugees in Syria in over five million Syrian refugees that have had to leave the country to find safety. Part of the reason why is because of all of the chemical weapons used. There is an international law that bans the use of chemical weapons and then in 2013 the Syrian government killed over 1000 people with the use of chemical weapons. These chemical weapons have been repeatedly used after that and it wasn't until April 2017 when the US stepped in with military action to try to control the situation in Syria.

The worst chemical attack since the August 2013 attack in Damascus was recently played out by the Syrian government. At least 74 people were killed, 23 of them children, and over 350 people were injured. There is enormous amounts of video evidence to help prove that the attack used illegal chemical weapons. Only a few short hours after the chemical attack, the Syrian government launched an airstrike over the hospital that was treating many of the victims. Soon after, the European Union, Turkey, the United States, and a few other countries placed the "primary responsibility" of the attack on Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian government refuses to believe any and all of these claims, even though the attack was held on rebel land (the people fighting the Syrian government).

The Syrian military agreed to terminate its chemical weapons program in 2013. Since then, multiple chemical strikes of occurred in Syria and they appear to be getting worse. Chemical attack the forward only kill a few people that were in enclosed spaces. Lately, they have been getting increasingly more serious in Denver. Many witnesses came to see people dying in collapsing in the street after exposure to the chemical. Doctors reported victims with extremely dilated pupils that were foaming at the mouth. Witnesses claim that only the Syrian government has enough power to perform these air strikes, Bashar al-Assad denies all allegations and insists he is being framed.

It has just been confirmed that the chemical attack in Syria in early April 2017 utilized chemical weapons with sarin gas or sarin like substances. This attack killed a confirmed 89 people while injuring hundreds. The OPCW (The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) was liable for making sure that all of Syria’s chemical weapons were destroyed in 2013. New evidence shows that there might be a secret reserves of sarin still in Syria. The OPCW tested 10 of the bodies from the April 4th attack and found many distinct indicators that the victims had been exposed to the deadly chemical, sarin. There were dead and alive victims that were tested, and both came with the same results. The UK had taken some samples from the attack site (the day of the incident) and already concluded that there had been chemical weapons with sarin or sarin like substances.

The use of chemical weapons has been illegal for almost a century and the Syrian government (in 2013) agreed to destroy any and all chemical weapons that they had in their possession. Later that year, Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people and killed over 1000 civilians. Assad has repeatedly used chemical weapons on his citizens but nothing as horrendous as before. Then in early April 2017, the Syrian government used chemical weapons on the rebel town of Khan Sheikhoun and killed the most amount of people since 2013, with at least 74 dead and 23 of them being children. The United States did not act on Syria until this event occured. Just a few days after the attack, President Donald Trump of the United States launched a military strike on a Syrian military base.

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