JPMorgan Chase & Co. By: Dylan Santalo

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a U.S. multinational banking and financial services holding company. The company is located in New York City. The firms roots trace back to 1799, and approximately 1200 smaller and large firms have merged to create the firm as it is now.

Financial divisions that this firm is involved with includes:

• Investment banking

• Asset Management

• Private Banking

• Private Wealth Management

• Treasury and Securities Services

JP Morgan Chase and Co. prides itself in giving back to the local and the global community. The initiatives the the JPMorgan Foundation has focussed on includes community initiatives, environmental sustainability, and the overall strengthening of our community. In 2016, they gave more than $200 million companies around our country and the world. Also, more than 50,000 employees in the firm gave back more than 325,000 community service hours locally and globally.
Mergers and Acquisitions Graph (in biillions)

At the end of 2015, their revenue has increased to 4.1 billion. However, after the Brexit deal in London at the end of last year, their revenue dropped to 3.9 billion. But due to an increase in the market and trends, JP Morgan expects their revenue to increase to about 4.3 billion by the end of 2017.

JP Morgan Chase Headquarters

JPMorgan and Chase Co. also focuses on the continuing education of students who want to enter the financial industry. They offer a wide variety of internships for high school seniors, undergraduate freshman, and undergraduate students overall.

Business Principles

The firms Business Principles includes:

• Client Service

• Operational Excellence

• Integrity, Fairness, and Responsibility

• Winning Culture

• Diversity and Inclusion

Why I want to work at JP Morgan Chase Co.

I want to work here because I can relate to the values of this firm, I am really passionate about volunteering with the global, local, and environmental communities, and I love the fast paced environment of a large firm that works with so many divisions.


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