Plants: They're Growing on You By elias romero

1. Cacao beans

The Cacao bean, or Theobroma cacao, is a medicinal plant found in South America. The cacao bean is a gymnosperm. The cacao bean hides in the shade of other trees to protect itself from wind and sunburn. We use the cacao bean to lower our blood pressure.

2. Aloe

The Aloe plant, or Aloe vera, is another medicinal plant found in Texas and Arizona. The Aloe plant is a monocot. The Aloe plant can survive in places where there is not a lot of water. We use the aloe plant to help with our sunburns and rashes.

3. Curare

Curare, or Chondrodendron tomentosum, is grown as a large vine found in the canopy of the South American rainforest. Curare is a dicot. Curare uses the trees to climb on to reach the sunlight. The fruit of this vine is edible. We use Curare for bruises and contusions.


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