Differences between the Italian and American school 📚

The last English class was different from the past,a student coming from America came to visit us telling us who is in Italy to study music. Also he explained what are the differences between the Italian and the American school.

We see in this table the differences mentioned by Alexander

The days of the week for schools in America are 5 and 6 in Italy,although some Italian schools want to reduce to 5 days school. The hours spent at school are on average 7 in America and 5-6 in Italy, I see that these first two differences are not so relevant, but to be taken into account.

In the next difference that alexander has noticed, I am not very agree. Alexander says that inAmerica the students move more for sports they practices and that in Italy are the teachers who move more through various courses. I am not very agree because even if Italians students do not move much with sports, they also move through their courses for students.

The last difference is the method of valuation. We clearly see that they are very strict about the valuation.

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