WCPS week 11 W/E 24/11/19

As we say goodbye to week 11 teachers are busy making assessments of where the children are currently working by looking at the results of this week’s assessment papers as well as the work children are doing in books. Most children have really pulled out all the stops this week and used it as a real opportunity to give it their all and celebrate the progress they have made since September.

This week started really positively with the celebration as we found out we had come 39th of all the schools in the entire country in the TTrockstars competition! Our children did amazingly and we were the only Barnsley school to finish in the top 50. What’s even more impressive is that this is down to the work children have done at home as no learning time was spent on TTrockstars so thank you.

The top 3 in each class received a certificate and pizza party invite!

Classes have been learning about road safety this week and how to keep safe while out and about in the local community. To support this I have sent out a parent charter which I would urge you to sign and agree to. This charter is being put in place to really make sure that the roads outside school can be the safest they can possibly be. Can we please remind everyone that parking in the visitors car park is only in the designated bays and also that when driving on school premises the speed limit is 5miles per hour. For anyone who observed the incident with the taxi this week please be assured it has been reported to the taxi company who have taken further action.

This week also saw the last of our reading parent workshops. Thank you to those who attended and anyone who hasn’t managed to attend we have uploaded the presentations to class blogs.

A letter has gone out this week asking for support in collecting it tems for Barnsley food bank. In the run up to Christmas we hope to collect items which can be donated to help those families and children in crisis. We will be collecting up until Monday 16th December.

On Wednesday evening I had the privilege of going to the Shakespeare festival and watch our children an amazing play of Macbeth. The evening was amazing and I thank the children and Mrs Wright for their efforts.

Once again thank you for your support this week and here’s to another successful week at WCPS!

Mrs Paddock

Year 1 are busy producing items for the tree for this festival!
In topic this week Year 4 have been creating the different layers of the rainforest.
They’ve research the different features of each layer and worked brilliantly in teams to begin creating the different layers.
Year 2 have been learning about instructions in literacy and they put their skills into practise by following the instructions to make marmalade. This week they are writing their own instructions for Paddington Bear.
We hope you enjoyed the marmalade the children brought home!
CIRP children showed their resilience and persevered to make groups of objects for multiplication.
Please start collecting the tokens from The Sun newspaper. Reading is one of our school priorities and any new books we can get can go into our new and amazing library space.
We love seeing you share your home learning on the blog and social media. This week I was excited to see what Henry had been doing at home with his dad. I was that interested I sent out for some skittles and got Henry to come and show me what to do. We spoke to Mrs Bell (who loves science) and she told us it was osmosis and challenged Henry to see what happened if he used milk rather than water.
Year 6 booster groups are now in full swing! These sessions really allow the children to work in small groups with the teachers to work on individual targets. Look at those smiles!
This week silver powder paint was added as an enhancement to the foundation stage creative area. After being shown how to mix their own paint someone wanted to paint a rocket. Miss Tindle worked with them to find out what they looked like and then the group of children worked showing amazing determination until they were happy. Once they had dried they were so excited to come and show me.
Year 6 have found out about Mongolian yurts and have used their DT skills to make their own. The knowledge the children could recall was amazing, I’d like to know how they transport the yurts when they are packed up.
In Y5 topic this week we’ve been researching Wyoming and then comparing it to Barnsley, focussing on the mining history of Barnsley and the current industries in Wyoming.
This week’s sign of the week is “To wait”


Attendance has further improved this week with our weekly attendance being 96.9% which keeps our yearly attendance at 96%. Thank you

Punctuality needs to continue to improve. This week we have had 27 lates which have totalled 658 minutes which equates 10 hours wasted learning time.

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