Food Safety Keep your kitchen safe

Personal Hygene

The first thing every pro chef needs to know is personal hygiene, not how to use that fancy chef's knife

Before you begin to prepare a meal, you have to be aware of the bacteria breeding ground on your body.

You should tie your hair back (if long enough) or at least make sure its out of the way, with a hat, headband, or hair net.

Remove jewelry on hands, fingers, and wrists

Roll up long sleeves and wear an apron if preferred

Wash your hands before you begin to prepare your food and every time you come in contact with raw meat eggs

Make sure to wear gloves over cuts and wounds and change the gloves every time you come in contact with raw meat or eggs.

Food Handling

Second thing you need to be able to do to be a pro chef is to know how to handle food and avoid cross contamination

Basically you need to know that raw meats can contain illnesses and viruses that can transfer to other products. Things you, as a chef can do is to always wash your hands, surfaces, and tools after using them for raw meats. YOU CANNOT use the same cutting board for chicken

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