Room 96 Falcon Family Newsletter April 3-7

Hello Room 96 Families!

So maybe the March showers will bring April flowers a month early, rather than the April showers bringing May flowers. With the first week of April underway, it won’t be long before we’re in Smarter Balanced Assessment season. And since we’re off to Spring Break at the end of the week, it would be great if while you’re having some family fun together, students would continue to read. To help with this goal, the AquaSox Homerun Reading Program begins on Monday, and by Friday the students will have set their goals. There are weekly prizes for reaching goals, and a "homerun prize" of a free admission's ticket to the AquaSox home opener on June 15, for meeting all four weeks’ worth of goals. Thanks for keeping the reading going, even during break.

Important Upcoming Events
  • April 3 6th Grade OV Registration Due! (Blue form in your child's binder)
  • April 3-7 ME Spirit Week (Monday: Sports Day, Tuesday: Crazy Socks & Wacky Hair Wednesday: Twin Day, Thursday: Decade Day, Friday: Pajama Day)
  • April 5 Art Docent with Ms. Jamie
  • April 6 Report Cards Sent Home!
  • April 7 Early Dismissal @ 1:00 PM
  • April 10-14 Spring Break
  • April 3-28 Aquasox Reading Program Begins
  • April 27 ME Talent Show
Unit 8: Geometry and Measurement

The first six lessons in Unit 8 focus on the skills of Converting Measures of Length, Liquid Volume, Mass and Weight. After completing Lessons 1-3, students should develop an understanding that multiplication is used to convert a larger unit to a smaller unit, and division is used to convert a smaller unit to a larger unit. This is just the beginning of what will prove to be our longest math unit thus far.

Reading and Social Studies

Last week we wrapped up our study of non-fiction functional texts, such as recipes, bills, calendars, etc. This week we will get started on a new non-fiction, expository text, where students will read and discuss the book Survival and Loss: Native American Boarding Schools.

An overview of the text: In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the U.S. government forcibly educated Native American children at off-reservation boarding schools. This book briefly describes the origin of the schools and looks closely at the impact of school life on the children and on Native American culture at large.

Writing: Fantasy Fiction

Content: Our fantasy fiction unit continues past the think phase where students will draft their short stories step-by-step using all the qualities of good narrative writing that they practiced on their personal narrative. Elaboration should include using dialogue, internal thought, setting and action to balance the internal and external parts of the story. A focus on how to punctuate dialogue and how to anchor it with setting or action will further develop student writing. Over break, don’t be surprised if your student continues to work on their draft which we will revise, edit and publish upon our return from break.

Grammar: Our last study in our sentence unit covers "non-sentences." That is, run-on sentences and fragments.

Spelling: Students will finish their spelling study they began last week with a test on Thursday either covering Greek and Latin Number Prefixes (mono, uni, bi, tri) or words with the GH and PH sounds that make an /f/ like alphabet, or are silent, such as dauGHter.

Science: Environments & Critters

Our final FOSS kit has arrived, housing lessons on Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments, as well as some goldfish, bugs and beetles! We will dive into our first lessons when we return from Spring Break... I will try my best not to squeal or scream handling the critters, but alas the kids know I am not the best faker...good thing these students are hands-on learners, with a sense of humor!


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