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So what is StrackaLine?

What we've done is made green reading incredibly simple with very advanced technology. We scan greens all over the country and get slope information accurate to the millimeter! We deliver those scans in the form of Hole Location Sheets, Books and in our app. The players then use the Hole Location Sheets to tell them where the straight putts are and the directional arrows point downhill.

The Hole Location Sheets will give your team all the information to read their putts and make confident strokes on every green!

Find the Straight putts

Our software runs each hole location through an algorithm and based on the stimpmeter reading that you input, you can literally get all of the straight putts for each pin.

Green are uphill straight and red is downhill straight (inside the hole). This is invaluable not only on the greens but also from the fairway as well.

Here's how it works

Step 1: We send our team out in advance of the season and we scan all over the US, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. We'll go to the Moon if there's an event there! Using a high powered topographical laser we collect data on and around every green.

Step 2: We upload the data to our design team in California and begin building books and integrating into the App.

Step 3: We ship our coaches and teams the green guides and give them access to the App in the iOS or Android stores

Step 4: Coaches teach their players using our short tutorial how to use the books and hole location sheets by properly orienting themselves on the green behind the ball and holding the book the correct way. Players pick it up quickly!

Step 5: Players use the arrows to determine slope direction on their line and go make putts!

What's new in 2017-2018

+Arrows outside of the green

+ Sprinkler heads (limited courses in fall)

+New easier to read grid and measurements (not pictured here)

+Easier to read compass

The App

Get the day's hole location sheet or use the dots in the practice round.

enter hole locations in App

Airprint to your printer (we'll set you up, at cost, with a battery powered, wireless printer that weighs 3.5 lbs and fits easily into a college teams packing plans). Print off 7 sheets and you're now armed with better information than your competitors!

Who uses Strackaline?

-90% of Tour players/caddies use some type of green mapping service

-20 of the top 25 men's Division I teams

-21 of the top 25 women's Division I teams

Products included in subscription

We have a lot of different options-it's up to you to determine what information is best to give to your players. For each event, we send you 8 books + give you access to the app for each course.

The Book

Every arrow is color coded based on slope percentage. If you use AimPoint, just look for the color on the color chart and go through the rest of your AimPoint progression. If you don't use it, just disregard the slope percentages and look at the arrows between your ball and the hole. The grid lines that you see are 1 yard grids.

Printing options through App


A super zoom around the hole where you can see every arrows and the fall lines for the straight putts.

9 Hole View

18 Hole view (Landscape or portrait)

1 Hole per page Coaches StrackaZoom

2017-2018 Prices

All prices are based on full season subscription. Includes 8 books per event + unlimited access to the app, unlimited printing. Events must be on your official tournament schedule and will include dual matches/JV events only if course has been previously scanned.

$4000 New subscriber

$3000 Renewal Subscription (must have had previous StrackaLine subscription.

OR - Single event-$500

Q & A

Q: This seems expensive. Why is it so much? A: When you break it down per book over the entire season, it's actually not that much more than what you'd pay for a traditional yardage book. You have to remember, we travel to all of these places to collect the data for you!

Q: What if my players use a green reading program? Does this help them? A: Absolutely! All greens are measured and listed as percent of slope, but we also have a conversion chart in the back of every book if you want to work off of degrees instead. If they can't feel it, just look in the book!

Q: What about grain? A: Strackaline can't read grain but it does read slope. In general, grain grows with slope, so just factor in slightly more break depending on how grainy it is.

Q: Aren't you guys slowing down play? A: No way Jose! We've heard just the opposite from coaches this year and the reason is simple: instead of walking around a hole and looking at it from 4 different directions, they look at their book to confirm what their eyes are seeing! There's really no reason to do all of that walking, thus saving them time!

Q: How do I teach my players how to use this? Is there a steep learning curve? A: This is why StrackaLine has taken off so quickly in college golf. There's not a lot you really need to know. Some players look at the books/app/hole location sheets a lot, some 4-5 times a round when they are confused with their line.

Q: My players struggle more with speed than line. How are you solving that? A: StrackaLine actually simplifies the green reading process giving them time to decide on a line, and then focus almost exclusively on speed. Many times, they are so unsure and hyper focused on the correct line, that they forget about the most important part, and that's rolling it at the correct speed. Also, on some greens, it's really hard to see uphill and downhill. With this, they'll get that information right in the book.

Q: How are you going to get all of these courses scanned? What if a course says no? A: We have a very specific order in which we scan and that's why we need your commitment as early as possible. Strackaline is providing incentives to courses in the form of CAD drawings, etc. that are valuable to the courses themselves. In the event that a course says no, we will inform you immediately and refund a portion of your subscription, but it has happened very infrequently. In fact only 3 times out of 200 courses this past season!

Q: Can I get our home course scanned? A: Yes, if it's on your tournament schedule, you'll get it anyway. If it's not, you can add $1000 and get it scanned if you are a Strackaline Elite subscriber.

Q: Is this legal with the USGA/R&A/NCAA? A: 100% yes. As long as you're not using the App and generating true breaks during tournament play, everything is legal. This is the ultimate preparation tool, just with better technology than coaches have had access to before. The advantages are endless, from more efficient practice rounds, to actually saving your players countless strokes throughout the course of the season.

“Putting with confidence is the key to making more putts. StrackaLine has been giving TOUR players and their caddies the information they need to understand each green for several years now. We are excited to bring that same information to college golfers as well.” -Jim Stracka, Founder & CEO of Strackaline

Contact Andrew Tredway at Strackaline for more information


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