Mindset Recognizing and Revising Self-Talk Patterns

Part One: Identifying the 3 inner voices

Inner Critic: 2/9/17

As I was walking to go take my Economics exam, my inner critic voice began talking. "You will not pass; You aren't smart enough; You failed this class once, what makes this time any different?". I had studied but did I study enough? I felt anxious and unprepared. I feel that when my anxiety kicks in so does my inner critic. The messages got worse. "Why are you even going to this exam? You know you will only score a 50. You can't do Economics how are you going to graduate? You won't graduate that's why you are on academic probation". These are the kind of thoughts I hear on a daily basis. SO - How can I fix this? I must learn to channel these negative thoughts into inner guide thoughts. So, when my inner critic says "You will not pass, you aren't smart enough" I can channel these inner guide responses: You got into Clemson! You ARE smart enough! I must learn to find the positive in everything and when my inner-defeat comes into play I can fight back with inner guide!

Next, Inner Defender: 2/2/17

My inner defender voice just came into play as I received my second Economics quiz. On the first one I got a 60, and now another 60. Not what I was hoping for at all - "Olivia, it's the instructor's fault." But I didn't study enough... "No, this instructor isn't even a professor. She shows videos all class, this grade isn't your fault." And just like that, I let my inner guide talk me into believing MY grade was not only 1) not my fault but 2) not my responsibility. How can I fix this? When I start to blame others for my actions and my grades I must channel this to inner guide as much as possible. Honestly, I need to learn how to stop this inner guide before it can even do anything. This is where I need to begin to use my growth mindset. When receiving a bad grade, I need to stop and think- "This is one bad grade. Now you know how the quiz is set up and you can prepare better next time". This will not help me motivate myself more but also to shut the inner defender down!

Lastly, Inner Guide: 2/7/17

Well, I just finished my first Entomology exam. For those of you who don't know what Entomology is- it's an area of zoology that focuses on the study of insects. Anyways, I prepared very well for this exam. Not only did I use flashcards I also made an outline from the study guide, reviewed my notes, and used study techniques like the Pomodoro. Once the exam was in front of me, I felt so good. I was prepared, well-slept, and feed. My inner guide started to ease the little knot that was starting to develop because I always get test anxiety. "Don't worry Olivia, you are ready. You have prepared greatly. You will get an A!". Then, once I was finshed with the exam, my inner guide began again, "That was easy! You knew everything! You didn't even have to struggle!". How did that feel? My inner guide reinforced what I already knew and helped me to believe that I was smart and capable and in the end, eased my anxiety! I loved feeling so confident in myself and loved letting my inner guide open up for once without my inner critic shutting it down.

Part 2: Reflection

During the completion of this activity, I noticed myself literally every hour switching back and forth between my inner voices. My default setting is most definitely the inner critic. I am so hard on myself and I've known this for years. I do switch back and forth between the inner guide and inner critic though. Once my inner guide tries to come through usually my inner critic shuts it down. However, I am trying to improve upon my mindset and develop a growth mindset. This activity has also tremendously help me with that as well because once my inner critic or inner defender tried to start bringing me down, I thought "What would a person with a growth mindset do/how would they respond to this?" and the results were amazing! I have never been so proud of myself. Learning the definitions of the three inner voices has allowed me to identify my three inner voices. And with this, I will now be able to stop and channel my voices to the inner-guide so that I can work with a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.


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