2016 US Presidential Election

The 2016 Presidential Election drew a wide array of responses from people on the Augusta University campus. Here is what a few of them had to say regarding our new President Elect Donald Trump.

When Kayden Evans first heard the news that Donald Trump was going to be president she thought to herself "He certainly has a lot of money but I never thought he would be able to pull this off." Evans felt that "There was no real win for the country with any of the candidates." "I was simply voting for the better of the evils."

Gracie Shepherd felt that "It was shocking how many signs there were that we would have this populist hysterical reaction to globalization and yet a lot of people were still surprised. In years to come I think brevet and the 2016 US Election will seem so obviously connected , and it will be important to remember how much of an echo chamber each of the two sides were in- so extreme and so divided." When Shepherd first heard that Donald Trump was going to be our president she said "I was less shocked than I wanted to be. And I remembered being way more shocked in 2008 and to be fair, in 2012 as well. "

Chris Link, a freshman at Augusta University had a much different response to the election. Link said "When I first heard Trump was going to be president I was like yooooo we did it!! I probably said that at least fifteen times that night." Link said "Leading up to election I was thinking woah, we are so screwed, Hillary is actually going to be president." Link has high hopes for Trumps presidency and said "I hope he uses his experience as as CEO to help run our country. I would really like to see him lower the unemployment rate."

Douglas Sloan, a student at Augusta University said that when he first heard that Donald Trump was going to be president he thought to himself "He's doing it again." Sloan said " I honestly wasn't surprised by Trump's win. If you look at recent trends the candidate that receives the most media attention usually wins regardless of their negative or positive controversies." Sloan felt like Trumo could help our country by implementing his more aggressive approach to politics however, he should work on being more polite because being a business man and a diplomat go hand in hand he still needs to find a nice happy medium."

Rafael Chaudharay said that "Since I am a Muslim I was pretty shocked and scared that Trump was going to be president. Being a muslim in America with Trump's anti Islam rhetoric going around is pretty scary because people start to use his hateful rhetoric and we as Muslim's have to live our lifestyle being a little more scared and we have to hide and blend in with society instead of being proud of who we are." Chaudhry said he would like to see some economic reformation and would like for our country to get out of some of the debt that we are in.


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